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The ★4 Recruitment Exchange Voucher I is a special recruitment item in Arknights.


Used to exchange for an Operator.

Allows you to select one of the 4-star Operators available during the first Recruitment period.


When used, the player will be able to pick one of the following 4★ Operators available from recruitment prior to the recruitment pool update in December 30, 2020 to be added into their roster:

Since the aforementioned Operators are an uncommon sight in recruitment, it can be worth it to purchase the ★4 Recruitment Exchange Voucher I if the player's roster is lacking or they need to max out the 4★ Operators' potential. However, its high price tag makes purchasing the ★4 Recruitment Exchange Voucher I generally not recommended unless the player has plenty of Commendation Certificates to burn.


The ★4 Recruitment Exchange Voucher I can be purchased at the second phase of Commendations Store for 750 Commendation Certificate icon.png.

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