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Lungmen Office
Lungmen Quarantine

The purpose of the negotiations is to establish a cooperative relationship between Rhodes Island and Lungmen to deal with the Reunion threat.
In the process, Wei Yenwu proposes a test to determine the military prowess of Rhodes Island.
Ch'en Come in.
Amiya and the Doctor enters the office of Wei Yenwu, whom Kal'tsit is talking with.
[Background 1]
Amiya ... Dr Kal'tsit!
Kal'tsit Amiya...
... {nickname}.
So you've come.
Ch'en closes the door.
Doctor ...
Ch'en Ahem.
Chief Wei, the other two representatives of Rhodes Island have also arrived.
Wei Yenwu Ah, excellent.
Please take a seat. Miss Kal'tsit is currently explaining the situation to me.
Kal'tsit Allow me to continue then. Mister Wei, I trust that you have a good grasp of the situation already.
News on TV.png
Kal'tsit Currently, the Lungmen information network captures a lot of information regarding the Reunion Movement. It is good that you recognize the importance of this.
But this alone is not enough. Lungmen still lacks key information.
[Background 1]
Ch'en ...
Kal'tsit I believe the L.G.D. knows very well that this simple quarantine is not enough to hold back Reunion.
Reunion will not obediently go through the inspections, nor will they wait for the authorities to take the initiative. That's why...
Without Rhodes Island's assistance, Lungmen will suffer heavy losses against Reunion should you decide to pursue the same strategies against the Infected.
Ch'en Pardon the interruption.
The L.G.D. understands Lungmen's defenses better than Rhodes Island does. We've already made preparations to deal with possible infiltration from Reunion.
We, however, are not obliged to provide you with confidential information regarding our operations.
Wei Yenwu ...
Miss Kal'tsit, please continue.
Kal'tsit While it is true that Lungmen has been successful in dealing with unarmed Infected so far, you have not dealt with this scale of organized rioting before. This may result in unnecessary losses.
From our experience... Only the Infected are capable of countering the Infected.
Wei Yenwu To my understand, Rhodes Island has some special expertise in countering Reunion?
Rhodes Island Paramilitary Force.png
Kal'tsit We do have experience, but I wouldn't call it expertise.
Wei Yenwu Oh...?
I've been told that Rhodes Island was involved with the Chernobog incident, and managed to obtain a lot of intel about Reunion.
Kal'tsit No matter where you heard that from...
At this stage, that information is not up for exchange. It is but a part of our resume, a qualification that allows us to speak to you, Mister Wei.
Wei Yenwu It is Lungmen that will decide whether or not we will exchange information. If Rhodes Island cannot even provide us with this level of information...
In that case, we simply have no basis for trusting your capabilities.
[Background 1]
Kal'tsit Mister Wei, I apologise if my words were not clear enough.
What I must emphasize is... the only reason Rhodes Island has this information, is because we were strong enough to obtain it.
Ch'en Whatever the case may be, Lungmen cannot simply trust another group of Infected.
Kal'tsit Miss Ch'en, if you believe that doling out punishment to the Infected is more important than the actual security of Lungmen...
Then I will immediately surrender myself in accordance with your local laws. Then, I will sigh from my jail while watching Reunion burn down your city.
This time, Lungmen doesn't have a choice.
Ch'en Your good intentions are not lost upon us despite your rudeness.
However, we also are not a charity for useless lobbyists.
Wei Yenwu Madam Ch'en.
Ch'en Chief Wei, I believe it is inappropriate for these outsiders to get involved with Lungmen's confidential matters.
Wei Yenwu Calm down, Madam Ch'en. They are still our guests.
... My guests.
Ch'en ...
Very well.
Unless they've violated our laws, I will tolerate them, Sir.
Wei Yenwu Ah, excuse me. I just remembered...
That's right. Hmm...
There is one thing that I care about.
Your ability.
To my understanding, Rhodes Island is also assisting with suppressing the nearby Infected?
Madam Ch'en, based upon your best information, how would you assess Rhodes Island's combat abilities?
Ch'en ... Allow me to describe what I've witnessed from Rhodes Island's operations.
Here are the details...

Ch'en describes Rhodes Island's feats, affirming its combat capabilities. However, Wei Yenwu believes that Rhodes Island's asking price is too high.
Amiya calmly offers her remarks to the head of Lungmen, who finally seems convinced.
[Background 1]
Ch'en ... And that concludes my report of Rhodes Island's combat operations.
Wei Yenwu And your assessment?
Ch'en There is little reason to doubt their strength.
However, Chief Wei, given their identities, I believe that from a strategic standpoint...
... the L.G.D. is more than capable of handling the job.
Wei Yenwu When it comes to fighting crime and prevent infiltration, the L.G.D. is more than sufficient.
Rhodes Island may be able to bring more to the table. However...
Of the things that Rhodes Island has requested, there is one "item" that we are unwilling to exchange based upon what has been offered.
The temporary defense cooperation that you're providing is far from equal value. As things stand, your "asking price" is a bit too high.
Miss Kal'tsit, Miss Amiya, I hope you two both understand.
Kal'tsit Mister Wei, a temporary defense will not be enough. There are a lot of things about Reunion that you don't know about.
Based upon the data we gathered while fighting them, if no proactive measures are taken, Reunion will seize control of Lungmen within two weeks.
Ch'en ... Nonsense. There's no evidence of that––
Kal'tsit Madam Ch'en, would you like to know the real reason Chernobog fell within one night?
Ch'en ...
Wei Yenwu Please elaborate.
Kal'tsit Amiya.
Amiya Ah... Sure.
Rhodes Island wasn't just involved in the Chernobog incident... We also were caught inside the Catastrophe, and survived.
Wei Yenwu Impressive, impressive.
It's not every day I meet someone crazy enough to have made it out of a Catastrophe alive. Miss Amiya, please continue, I'm listening.
Amiya ... We fought against Reunion's leader.
Ch'en ...
Wei Yenwu Hmm? What's her name again?
I don't recall clearly...
Doctor Talulah.
Wei Yenwu Ah, right, Talulah.
Madam Ch'en, what do you think?
Ch'en ...
I... I know.
[Background fades out and in]
Amiya ... This is what happened to Rhodes Island at Chernobog. Even though Reunion managed to wrest control of Chernobog from Ursus...
But in order to expand, they'll have to deal with their resource shortages. Lungmen will be their next stepping stone.
Even though you might be able to fend them off for a while, their attacks will not cease unless you handle this situation proactively.
Furthermore... There's another unknown factor – we still don't know how Ursus will respond after losing Chernobog...
Wei Yenwu Hahaha... Well spoken, young lady.
Due to the seriousness of this threat and the L.G.D.'s limited manpower, I'm not opposed to considering this temporary agreement based on the terms that were detailed earlier.
But what I said before still holds...
Kal'tsit ...
... Rhodes Island's asking price is still too high?
Wei Yenwu Correct.
In order to make sure Lungmen is properly compensated, I have two very simple conditions.
First, Rhodes Island will help the L.G.D. suppress the Reunion threat. This includes identifying threats within Lungmen as well as those related to fallout from Chernobog.
This also includes assessing the degree that the Infected have infiltrated Lungmen. I expect that you will share any potentially helpful information with us.
Kal'tsit What's the second condition, then?
Wei Yenwu I will tell you about the second condition after you've satisfied the first.
Naturally, I won't ask for anything outside of Rhodes Island's area of expertise.
Kal'tsit I'm not sure I understand. Could you please elaborate, Mister Wei?
Wei Yenwu How should I put this... If Reunion causes damage that surpasses Rhodes Island's estimates...
I hope that you will help the L.G.D. handle the situation, which may include post-disaster management. Of course, nothing beyond your capabilities. That's roughly the gist of it.
Kal'tsit ...
Wei Yenwu I cannot say much more at this point. However, don't forget, Rhodes Island doesn't have a choice.
If you can't accept our terms, then all the conditions we discussed, as well as your requests, will be...
Kal'tsit Amiya?
Amiya Dr Kal'tsit...
Mister Wei, I would like to add one more clause to the agreement...
"Any interpretation of the clauses must be agreed upon by both parties." Is this acceptable?
Wei Yenwu Oh... Of course. I can see your respect to Lungmen, Miss Amiya.
Madam Ch'en, do you have any objections?
Ch'en ... I accept this operation.
Wei Yenwu Hah.
It seems like Madam Ch'en also has her own goal now.
Ch'en ...
Wei Yenwu In any case, congratulations. You've earned Lungmen's trust. Madam Ch'en will be responsible for your arrangements.
However, be aware that the Infected are not allowed to freely move around within the city, as that may cause panic.
[Background black]
Wei Yenwu I hope that you will defer to the L.G.D.'s orders while carrying out your duties.
Especially, Madam Ch'en's orders.
Lungmen will be open to Rhodes Island, as long as your actions are in line with us.
[Background 2]
Amiya Phew... Ugh...! That man was so difficult...
He was so methodical when he spoke, and it felt like he couldn't be swayed by anything...
Kal'tsit Amiya, you'll eventually have to learn how to deal with these people yourself.
But in the end, you did a great job.
Amiya Ehehe...
Kal'tsit By the way...
Doctor Do I know you, Kal'tsit? / ...Hello, Dr Kal'tsit. / Please to meet you, Dr Kal'tsit.
Kal'tsit ... ...
Amiya Dr Kal'tsit, please don't give Dr {nickname} a hard time...
Kal'tsit *inhales sharply*...
Amiya ...
Kal'tsit Haah...
I hope our sacrifices... weren't in vain.
Hello, Dr {nickname}.
Welcome back.