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Decisive Counterattack

Victories are short, but wars are long, and our enemies are unknown.
Lungmen Office
Wei Yenwu's calculations and ruthlessness are terrifying, but evident are his qualifications as the Chief of Lungmen.
Rhodes Island chooses to continue to cooperate for its own goals.
[Background 1]
4:45 AM \ Clear
L.G.D. Headquarters Rooftop Ruins, Upper Lungmen
Wei Yenwu Madam Ch'en, I believe Amiya is right next to you. Can you hear me?
Ch'en Yes, Chief Wei.
Wei Yenwu Very well then.
I must apologize, leader of Rhodes Island. Though I can risk sending the L.G.D. deep into enemy territory, I can't risk bringing any more players into this game.
Doctor Bringing more players in? / ...What do you mean by that? / The situation out there is already chaotic.
Wei Yenwu Dr. {nickname}...
Beneath this entire land lies an invisible, yet intricate net.
No single city can break free from this net of conspiracy and intrigue – and especially not Lungmen, as it is situated in the midsts of giants.
Perhaps you already know this, perhaps you don't. Nevertheless, I have to take all these factors into consideration.
Amiya Chief Wei, you should have shared this information with us if you wanted our mission to progress more smoothly.
At least, you should have told me.
Wei Yenwu I must apologize yet again, Miss Amiya. From my position, I simply cannot disclose all our intel.
If you were standing in my shoes, you would have made the same decision.
What happened in the Chernobog ruins was a pity, but at least you achieved something.
Blaze You used us to draw Reunion's attention.
Wei Yenwu No, the L.G.D. was right there with you.
Doctor You used all of us as bait.
Wei Yenwu Huh?
[Background fades out]
Kal'tsit He planned for all this a long time ago.
Reunion's infiltration only deepens as time passes, so he had to quickly make a decision.
[Background fades in]
Doctor At the most crucial moment, when Reunion was most vulnerable...
Rhodes Island was made to draw their attention.
[Background fades out]
Kal'tsit He led Reunion to believe that the L.G.D. had been separated–
[Background fades in]
Doctor ...and fooled them into thinking that Lungmen was undefended.
Blaze Hah, well said, Dr. {nickname}! Chief, of course you'd need us to hold Reunion back. The more the better, right?
When the lurking Reunion saw Lungmen in such a state, there's no way they wouldn't spring at the opportunity.
And as soon as they began to emerge from their lairs, then BAM! Lungmen's elite forces would be waiting for them, seemingly out of nowhere.
How long have you been concealing Lungmen's power? Did you already start preparing for this after the Chernobog incident?
Wei Yenwu Lungmen kept you safe, and helped you return to a position that could maximize your value.
Blaze You left Amiya to die back there in the middle of so many enemies. What kind of "position" are you talking about?
Wei Yenwu I just hope that Rhodes Island can understand that we all have to face this difficult situation together.
Amiya Miss Blaze, Dr. {nickname}, it's fine.
Miss Swire helped us to defeat Reunion's forces, together. Lungmen did not abandon us.
(We don't have any proof.)
Blaze Tch...
Wei Yenwu Our agreement is still valid. No matter what happened during the process, only the end result can satisfy me.
No matter what happened.
Dr. {nickname} of Rhodes Island, I believe I made myself clear the last time we met.
You do not have a choice in this matter. But at least you can choose how you eliminate your enemies.
<Dialogue branch starts here>
Doctor I don't believe you or the snake oil you peddle.
Wei Yenwu Isn't that for the best?
We should all stay alert. Nobody should let their guard down when we are facing a common enemy.
Your vigilance can keep you from falling into a trap.
Listen, Dr. {nickname}–
...We may not be friends yet, but at least we are not enemies.
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor ...
Wei Yenwu So, silence is your answer.
A fine display of judgment. You would hide your weaknesses while pressing your advantages.
Rhodes Island indeed is a powerful partner. You have earned my recognition from this incident.
But, this comes on the condition that our relationship is still a partnership, not a statement of the status between illegal Infected and local authorities.
<Dialogue branch>
Doctor Nobody will happily smile and go on their way after being deceived.
Wei Yenwu I do not intend to fool anyone.
Though, objectively speaking, I may well have fooled Reunion.
But none of that can be proven. Reunion may also have access to our secrets.
We can only hope to destroy them before they come to grasp our strategies.
So, does this goal motivate you at all?
<Dialogue branch ends here>
Wei Yenwu Miss Amiya, Dr. {nickname}, the cooperation between us has not ended yet.
A counterattack is imminent. We will demonstrate Lungmen's stature, wisdom, and unity to them.
If possible, I would also like to witness Rhodes Island's professionalism, resolve, and bravery.
In fifteen minutes, Madam Ch'en will return to fight at your side.
Amiya Mister Wei, I hope you don't forget what you just said.
Because Rhodes Island will not.
Wei Yenwu Naturally.
Wei Yenwu ends the call.
Amiya Blaze, Dr. {nickname}, let's go.
Ah, by the way, Madam Ch'en, where's Inspector Hoshiguma? I don't see her around. Is she... all right?
Ch'en She had some minor injuries, nothing serious.
Amiya Oh, I see...
Madam Ch'en, Rhodes Island can also give you a checkup and provide some quick treatment if needed.
Ch'en No thanks.
Amiya You don't have to worry about anything, our medical procedures are completely confidential.
Ch'en A little bit of elbow grease is good enough.
Amiya Mm... If you insist, then I won't force you.
In that case, I'll see you later then, Madam Ch'en.
[Background 2]
5:00 AM \ Clear
Chief's Office, Upper Lungmen
Swire contacts Wei Yenwu.
Swire Chief Wei, how was everything on your end?
Wei Yenwu Good, of course. Otherwise, I wouldn't have time to chat with you here.
Swire Did they agree to slow down the operation?
Wei Yenwu Of course, but there is a time limit.
Today, and tomorrow. If Reunion is still not contained after two days, you know what will happen.
Swire Only two days?! That's not enough time! I can't–
Wei Yenwu Two days and nights are already too generous. In comparison, I will only give you one day.
Swire One day?
Wei Yenwu I want you to take care of everything within a day.
Swire Chief Wei, if they can help us, we can get rid of Reunion within hours. Wouldn't that minimize our losses?
Wei Yenwu That's not important. Lungmen should be able to handle its own problems, once and for all. That is our first principle.
That is what we need to demonstrate to them. So, everyone, get moving.
Go, Madam Ch'en. It is time to show Reunion some Lungmen hospitality.
Ch'en Understood.
Chief Wei, I do have one question. Even if you can't answer right now, I hope you can give me a reasonable guess after everything is over.
Wei Yenwu You may ask.
Ch'en This is supposed to be Reunion's all-out attack. In that case, why has their leader, Talulah, not appeared in Lungmen?
[Background fades out and in]
Wei Yenwu Hmm...
Fumizuki comes to Wei's side.
Fumizuki I thought things were progressing smoothly. Why are you frowning, then?
Wei Yenwu Have we received any response from Ursus?
Fumizuki Still nothing.
Wei Yenwu And we still can't get in contact with Speaker Witte?
Fumizuki Unfortunately, our messenger hasn't even been able to meet him.
Wei Yenwu By the looks of things, the Ursus Empire is completely opaque.
Fumizuki, I have a premonition. That this whole thing is just the start of something much bigger.
Fumizuki The last time I heard you say that was many years ago.
Wei Yenwu When did I say that? I've completely forgotten why I would say something like that.
Fumizuki That was right after we first met. Are you saying that you've forgotten about everything that's ever happened between us?
Wei Yenwu N-no way! How could I! I just can't remember most things apart from our time together.
Fumizuki Nice try, you sweet-talker. Unfortunately, this isn't something you'll be able to forget.
You said this to my face twenty years ago... that if we lost, this city would be under a different name, and become just another stepping stone on the path to Ursus hegemony.
If we had lost, you wouldn't be the one sitting here. He would.
Wei Yenwu ...
Duke Koshchei.
Fumizuki Alas, poor Tal. Don't you think she reminds us of him?
Wei Yenwu But he's already dead.
Killed by Talulah herself.
Episode 05 End.png