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Throw open the doors that lead to this world.
The night of Ch'en's parting with Talulah. The confrontation between the Duke of Kashchey and Wei Yenwu.
And, the Regent and Confessarius discuss their plans.
Talulah's Abduction.png
Kashchey I can return her to you, Wei.
Wei Yenwu ...
...Don't do it.
Kashchey Oh? You and your mighty executioners have made my life hell.
Of course I'm willing to return her to you... But the cuffs on her body will tear Lungmen in half.
Wei Yenwu Damn you...
Kashchey Wei, this is the method you used against me. The way you forced me out of Lungmen.
But now, our roles are reversed. I'm the guest, as well as the poisoner.
Wei Yenwu Kashchey. You killed my brother.
Kashchey No, no, Wei. You slew your own brother.
My role is irrelevant. Your brother's tragedy may have come from a Unicorn's secret orders, or from the wrath of a Lung. Whether it was me who leaked the news... ultimately, does not matter.
What's important, Wei, the one thing you mustn't forget... is that your Chi Xiao drank his blood. You did it.
Chi Xiao, the dragonslaying sword. And who is it that this blade slew? Your friends. Your family. Your people.
Dragonslaying sword? How ironic that your people forged a weapon that would be turned against its own kind.
Wei Yenwu You've gone too far.
Kashchey Very well. I offer you a choice.
Choose. Slay me, and take back your niece, but lose your city as a result. Or, let us walk free.
Wei Yenwu ...
Kashchey Don't draw that sword. You know the consequences.
Wei Yenwu (Grinds teeth audibly)
Kashchey Relax, Wei. I've let you choose your own fate. If you don't take my generous offer, then you and I both, all your citizens, and these two lovely sisters... will all perish.
Wei Yenwu What are you scheming?
Kashchey Wei, old Wei... I know you well. Too well.
You've always had a choice, isn't that right?
What will your precious citizens think when they hear that their lives have been placed upon a scale? And on the other side... is a young dragon whose name they've never heard.
As for me, I don't even have a reason to hurt her.
Wei Yenwu ...Since I was negligent enough to let you step foot back into this city, there's no reason to let you leave again.
Ch'en Tal!
Kashchey Oh really?
Wei Yenwu ......
I'll kill you myself.
Kashchey Now, now. There's no need for that.
My life is not yours to take.
[Background black]
Kashchey By the way, you can save her before I put the handcuffs on her.
But you'll also have to think about defending against me. Defeating me. Striking me down. Annihilating me... And, what I am going to do next.
Wei, you're actually afraid of me, aren't you?
Talulah She's here.
I'll kill her myself.
??? Confessarius, answer me.
The Leader of Reunion, is there any value in forming an alliance?
Confessarius Why ask me about things that you know very well, Your Majesty?
A youth with no possessions, background, or capital cannot possibly seek to take an important Ursus city alone.
The uninfected rulers know not what to make of her actions.
They will panic, overreact, and try to resolve the chaos through more destruction – and use the chaos caused by the Infected as a front.
But, we Sarkaz know better.
Regent What do you think of the team she finally left here?
Confessarius They are unworthy, Your Majesty. As you foresaw, there is no hope for them. They are not trained soldiers, unable to cause the violence that we seek.
Regent Eliminating them will not sever Talulah's power. We lack an opportunity to take her out.
Confessarius Right, Your Majesty.
The situation that she fomented and the power she wielded to force the issue... shows that she is no one-eyed leader among the blind, or some pampered princeling awaiting the throne.
She is a conspirator.
Regent Even if that is the case, I require a comprehensive response from the Sarkaz.
Confessarius In that case, I have two bits of good news. First, we already have a lead on our search for the Lord of Fiends.
Rhodes Island hasn't yet been manipulated by foreign forces.
Regent Don't waste time. We need her to begin right now.
Confessarius Please do not be angered, and hear me out.
"She" is ready.
Stasis Chamber.png
The Sarkaz Queen Lives?.png
Regent That power is rightfully ours.
The true King of Sarkaz is mightier than the heir of any unknown name.