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A1 Operations Preparation Detachment is a comic (manhua) series published by Hypergryph as part of Arknights' Terra Historicus website. It centers on the origin of Op Reserve A1, how they eventually end up in Rhodes Island following a Catastrophe, and their first mission together with the Elite Ops led by Ace concerning a criminal organization named "Red Hands" and the manipulation of a local Infected residence area by Mama John's.




# Title Synopsis
1 Police Cadets, Report for Duty!
The story begins with a flashback when Beagle, Fang and Kroos began their police career in Tkaronto, Columbia. After resolving a gang fight in an Infected residence area, the trio meet a Lupo girl named Alva and the leader of the "Red Hands" Thunderstone. Thunderstone admires their ability and eventually befriended them. One day, the trio notices Alva stealing the goods from a Mama John;s businesman Splitears. From Alva's words, Splitears has been selling fake medicines to the locals. Being enraged by her words, they are about to arrest him, but this is soon interrupted by an arriving Catastrophe.
2 Incurable
The story shifts its time back to ten years ago when a Catastrophe in the form of a blizzard hit Tkaronto and young Alva was forced to be separated from her mother after the city barred any Infected Messenger from entering. While working inside a local Originium refinery, she encountered a Perro boy who desperately wanted to sell his crude Originium ingot to buy a "cure" for his dying mother. Upon telling him the truth about Oripathy, the boy collapsed in desperation, and Alva comforted him by giving him a canned food.

Notable characters

  • Alva: A Lupo girl and the adopted daughter of Thunderstone skilled in assassination and Originium knowledge. Previously the daughter of a Catastrophe Messenger, she was forced to be separated from her mother desperately after the city barred any Infected Messengers from entering. After contacting Oripathy, she was secretly banished from her orphanage until her adoption by Thunderstone.
  • Thunderstone: A Forte man acting as the leader of the "Red Hands" and the adoptive father of Alva. Though a rough person, he is actually a man of words who admires Fang's determination.
  • Domino: A Lupo man and the second-in-command of the "Red Hands."
  • Splitears: A cunning Phythian businessman with one broke ear, thus his title, and the representative of Mama John's. On the outside, he behaves as a sworn brother of Thunderstone, but he has been selling fake medicine to the local Infected.
  • Thomas: The police captain of Tkharonto.