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This article is about the Annihilation operation. For other similar uses, see Abandoned Mine.
Abandoned Mine
[Global] Hypothetical Target
[CN] Simulation Mission
[TW] Hypothetical Target
Abandoned Mine (Annihilation) map.png
A remote Ursus mine where the Infected Patrol Unit are hunting down Infected. Make good use of the tricky terrain to buy time for the Infected to escape.
<Special Conditions> DP will not regenerate naturally, failing to save an Ursus civilian will result in a penalty of -1 annihilation count.


Sanity icon.png Sanity 0 ~ 25 Unit Limit 10
Orundum icon.png Orundum 0 ~ 365 Initial DP 50
EXP.png EXP 0 ~ 250 Life Points.png Life Points 10
LMD icon.png LMD 0 ~ 250 Enemy icon new.png Enemies 410
Static objects Static Roadblock ×3
Terrain notes

The Heated Paths erupt every 10 seconds, dealing 800 Pure damage.

Object notes

The Static Roadblocks have 40000 HP and 240 DEF.


The drops are only relevant when Abandoned Mine (Annihilation) is a Rotating Mission.

Frontline Battle Record.png


Allies Ursus Civilian ×10
Normal Infected Patrol Captain ×118, Elite Infected Patrol Captain ×39, Ursus Mangler ×48, Ursus Mangler Packmother ×9, Ursus Assault Crossbowman ×75, Elite Ursus Assault Crossbowman ×16, Ursus Armored Caster ×12, Elite Ursus Armored Caster ×11, Ursus Raider ×37
Elite icon.png Elite Agent ×16, Ursus Raider Leader ×3, Imperial Artillery Targeteer ×3, Imperial Striker ×11, Elite Imperial Striker ×2

Each Ursus Civilian will reduce the amount of defeated enemies by 1 if they are defeated.


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