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The Abyssal Hunters, sometimes simply known as the Abyssal, is an organization in the world of Arknights whose mission is to keep the sea monsters in check from their invasion of land. Their eerie background make them both mysterious and dangerous to the land-dwellers of Terra.


Becoming a monster is worse than being dead...

The Abyssal Hunters consist of Aegir-Seaborn hybrid "supersoldiers" created by the Aegirians as a counter-measure against the Seaborns, hence its name that refers to the Seaborns' origin.[1] As the results of the experiment, they possess an unusually higher physical strength than other Terrans. Their physical and psychological engineering is necessary to withstand the Seaborns' might and horror. On the other hand, their Seaborn blood can and will take over the Hunter's Aegir blood if it is left unchecked (as in the case of Skadi the Corrupting Heart), which could lead to their transformation into the monsters they hate. Symptoms of such transformation include unawareness of their surroundings, loss of conscience, and Seaborn scales occupying their bodies.[1][2]

Iberia also attempted to replicate Aegir's Abyssal Hunters project as a way to counter the Seaborns' invasion of the Iberian coastlines, in which Andreana is the result of this experiment. But compared with Aegir's, the Iberian Hunters are not as powerful as the pure-blooded Hunters and their Aegir blood is still the majority.[3]

Years ago, Aegir unleased its entire military forces to destroy the Seaborns' "god." The price was unfathomable as the Abyssal Hunters were almost annihilated.[1] Those who managed to survive came to the shore and has since been hiding their identity on land. However, the Church of the Deep has been attempting to kidnap some of them to conduct its crazy experiments.


Under Tides

The reunited Abyssal Hunters deliver the coup de grace to a leviathan.

Specter was kidnapped by Gladiia to Sal Viento under the order of Bishop Quintus. In turn, Skadi was surprised to see that her kin is still alive on land. Upon her arrival at the local church, Skadi almost succumbed to the Seaborn blood after meeting The First To Talk had not Gladiia came for the rescue. When the Hunters finally killed the First, the bishop was furious and transformed himself into a giant Seaborn. Nevertheless, the three Hunters successfully stopped its rampage with Kal'tsit's help before it could destroy the town.



  • Andreana is the only member of the Abyssal Hunters who is not native to Aegir.
  • Specter is the only member of the Abyssal Hunters who is Infected.
  • Gladiia acts as the nominal leader of the Abyssal Hunters.