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This article explains the user interface of the Archive menu. The Archive menu was added along with the Path to Glory achievement system during the Twilight of Wolumonde update. Previously, its designated main menu button was dedicated to the Network, which is now a submenu of the Archive.

The main Archive menu.


The Network is an alternate way of accessing the archive files of operators. It is initially presented as a web of factions, which allows one to select them to view a web of operators within the factions, linking most operators that have a connection to one another dynamically. The Network received a significant visual upgrade, and the clearer faction delimitation was added as part of the Mansfield Break update.

Some non-playable characters such as the Doctor or Wei Yenwu appear in the network. Some playable operators that are critical to the main story also receive a "non-playable" profile that is replaced by their operator files when the player acquires them, such as Ch'en and Kal'tsit. Operators within larger factions tend to be clustered by acquaintance groups, such as the Medical Department of Rhodes Island.

Upon accessing a faction, one may see operators from external factions that have a connection with an operator within the faction, allowing the player to quickly move to the external faction. For example, Ch'en from the Lungmen Guard Department has strong ties with Amiya from Rhodes Island leadership.

Certain factions have a faction-specific furniture that can be acquired from the Trust Overview menu. Upon reaching a certain Trust threshold distributed among operators of the faction, the player may acquire that item of furniture. The threshold is faction specific but is equivalent to 100% (out of 200%) Trust on all the operators present in this faction at launch. For example, while Zima, Gummy and Istina can reach a total of 600 Trust, the Ursus Student Self-Governing Group furniture is acquired after 300 Trust, not accounting for the late addition of Rosa who counts towards that progress, and, if the cap were to increase based on her addition would raise the total possible amount of Trust among the faction at 800.



The Enemy intelligence menu displays all enemies known to the player, with a short description of their nature, as well as special abilities and statistical rating. Unfortunately, the information provided in the game is rather sparse and lackluster, and it is recommended to use their more extensively documented articles on the wiki to familiarize oneself with the extent of an enemy's mechanics.

Fashion Gallery

The Fashion Gallery menu, sorted by release order, as of the A Walk in the Dust update.

The Fashion Gallery menu displays all of the outfits that exist in the game, past and presently acquirable, which can be sorted by date of addition or by collection. Unowned outfits are partially grayed out, and currently acquirable outfits are marked by a shop icon.

The Fashion Gallery, sorted by brand.


The main Intelligence menu.

The Intelligence menu allows the player to revisit cutscenes of past events. It is separated into Public Affairs for major side stories and Special Operation for minor side stories/omnibus events. Cutscenes for Public Affairs are acquired by completing the stage requirements in the event stages, while cutscenes for Special Operation are acquired by spending an Information Fragment.png Information Fragment per cutscene. These can be acquired from the shops of other minor side stories events. Unlocking all cutscenes in a Special Operation event, whether during its initial run or at any point afterwards allows one to obtain a medal and a few materials.

The list of minor side stories events, all completed, with their corresponding medal. The major side story menu looks relatively similar.

The list of cutscenes displayed in the Intelligence menu for a major side story event, in this example, Operation Originium Dust.

Path to Glory

The Path to Glory achievement system menu allows one to view their earned and unearned medals, modify the custom medal set, and view medal sets.

The edition mode of the custom medal set.

The list display of the Path to Glory medal list.