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The Arknights Comic Anthology is an official manga adaptation of Arknights. It is an anthology, or compilation, of self-contained stories made by various authors. It is first released in DNA Media Comics magazine by Ichijinsha on June 25, 2020, and consists of four volumes as of May 2021; a fifth volume will be released in November 25, 2021.

Please note that the stories in the manga are non-canon to the main Arknights storyline.


# Title Author Synopsis
1 The Sarkaz's Fleeting Tranquility kyozip Rhodes Island's Sarkaz Operators Ifrit, Meteorite, Nightingale, Shining, and Vigna usually never gets along in the battefield. But that changes when they had to share a Dormitory room, where it turns out that given the chance, they can tolerate each other just fine.
2 I Dream of Idols Yamaguchi Croissant had a bright idea to make an idol out of Texas to improve Penguin Logistics' PR standing and fortune. Even Emperor himself agrees to the Forte's idea, but too bad, the Doctor doesn't, ruining the prospect.
3 Danger: Catnip! Touzaki Shina Mousse delivers a package to R.I., but she fell asleep in the process. It turns out that the package is full of catnip, which "excites" the Feline ladies Jessica, Skyfire, and Swire, much to the Doctor's peril. In the end, R.I. strictly regulates the distribution of catnip because of this incident.
4 Together with Tenzin Coyucom Tenzin, the pet falcon of SilverAsh, is nowhere to be seen. Pramanix volunteers to search him, but fell asleep on a bench. When found by SilverAsh and Cliffheart alongside Tenzin, the latter is reminded of their happy times during their childhood, another pleasing moment for the Silverash siblings.
5 The Daily Logistics Grind Kuuba Just another day in the office for Penguin Logistics Operators, who are escorting a convoy and meeting resistance from Reunion forces which includes a Hound pack, a Logger, and a Defense Crusher.
6 Planning for Tomorrow Ginmoku The usual interaction at the work environment of R.I. between Amiya, FEater, Provence, and Vermeil, which includes Amiya asking Provence what's on her mind for tomorrow's plans.
7 A Karlan Teatime Shino SilverAsh is worried on his sisters, but Courier suggests that he throw a tea party for the Silverash family. It turns out that Cliffheart and Pramanix had been thinking the same, even making cakes for it with help from Matterhorn, so all's well that ends well.
8 ...In The Right Hands N. Akuta Swire can't accept the fact that she is assigned together with Ch'en during an R.I. combat operation. The opposing Reunion forces try to use the discord into their advantage, but a Butcher learned the hard way that both L.G.D. operatives can be surprisingly formidable amidst their rivalry. You've picked the wrong ladies to mess with, Doctor.
10 No Stopping 'Til We See The Credits! Hasegawa
11 Unparalleled Medicine Shirou Urayama
12 The Ever-Reliable Vigna! Manarou
14 Family Vacation Remu