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Arknights is a mobile tower defense (TD) game developed by Hypergryph, originally released in mainland China (CN) on May 1, 2019, before received a release in Japan, Korea, North America, Europe, and Southeast Asia (collectively known as Global/EN) by Yostar on January 16, 2020, and in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Macau (TW) by Longcheng on June 29, 2020.

While it first appears to be a deceptively simple TD, Arknights is usually more difficult than the run-of-the-mill TD game due to tricky maps and enemy design, and provides challenging combat puzzles. A strong aspect of the game is the management of the player's Operators and correct use of their abilities to achieve victory. Arknights also features the important base building feature.

Arknights utilizes a gacha system for players to obtain the Operators, however, the game designs stages to be solvable using Operators of the most common rarities. Additionally, the Recruitment system permits the free, albeit rare acquisition of most of the oldest high rarity Operators.

Ongoing Events
Mansfield Break Rerun
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Darknights Memoir Rerun
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New outfits
Healing Hand, Evil Heart
Eggcellent Craftsman
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Ursus IO79
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Winter is here! We Global/EN players aare now having the humble 2021 Login Event, so make good use of the "dead week" to raise your Operators and amass Orundum for Preluding Lights, which is confirmed to be the next event with the announcement of Indigo and Zima's Ursus IO79 outfit. However, there are good news:

  1. The function to collect all mission rewards at once will finally be added to the Global/EN server in PL!
  2. Cytus II is going to have a collab with Arknights soon! Though it's a one-sided collab on Cytus' side, we shall be excited to see how it will turn out. Funnily enough, Hypergryph is now literally a "music company".
  3. The rerun of Mansfield Break is announced to be the next event in the CN server.

For TW players, good luck in beating Contingency Contract Lead Seal!

The wiki is still understaffed as ever, so we need more contributors especially proofreaders and translators, community managers/moderators, and those who can help updating the wiki's content with information from other servers, so anyone who would like to help out are welcome. Contact the administrators if you are interested.

Remember to visit the policies and guidelines page before you start contributing for the Arknights Wiki to know the dos and don'ts.

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