Arknights Wiki

The Arknights Wiki is a public wiki for the mobile tower defense game Arknights that any registered users can edit.

The wiki was founded by Kol.cressie on May 28, 2019, with the current head administrator, Nikitazero, taking the reins in November of 2020, with the goal of creating an expansive, descriptive online encyclopedia about Arknights. The ever-expanding world of Terra and the game itself provides a rich drop of content for the wiki, and we hope that our information are helpful for everyone, be it newcomers or veterans.

While there are many other Arknights wikis out there, notably Gamepress and Aceship, they mostly cover gameplay-related information. Thus, Arknights Fandom Wiki aims to cover the niche that they doesn't: the game's lore. While this may take effort due to the complex nature of the story, we will do the best we can to emphasize on the grand story of Arknights for readers.

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