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Translation guideline describes what to be done before translating texts on the Arknights Wiki from the original source texts, mainly Mandarin Chinese, to English.


  • Any translation may be added into the Arknights Fandom Wiki as long as the translator is credited (using the {{Credit}} template) and it meets the community guidelines.
    • Please note that all translations are temporary and will be changed to the official localization when the corresponding content is released in the Global server.
    • When translating Operator backgrounds, do remember to add the {{Operator notice}} template on top of the page (below the navigation tab) to notify readers about changes when the subject Operator is released in Global.
    • To avoid legal issues, please do not upload commissioned translations.
    • In some cases, notably song lyrics such as that of Requiem, the official English localization may have a different interpretation than translations by a native or professional speaker. As such, the official and unofficial translations may be added as a comparison, but remember to mark them as such.
  • If you are helped by a proofreader in translating the texts who would also like to be credited, you can do so as well.
  • Releasing translations slowly is completely acceptable. The language of Arknights' source texts, Mandarin Chinese, is a complex language, so please take your time and prioritize real life when necessary.


  • For critical/priority translations such as the names/titles of enemies as well as their description and abilities, and Operator skill, talent, and base skill names, please do not use literal translations since it may not convey the meaning well. If there is a debatable translation, please discuss it in the Discord server.
  • Avoid using Google Translate to translate an entire paragraph. Google Translate is known for being unreliable for translating a large volume of texts at once.
    • Google Translate can be used to translate words or sentences due to their relative simplicity, but remember to proofread it for the latter.
    • Due to their priority, using Google Translate to translate the names and descriptions of enemies (including their abilities, if they have one), skills, talents, and base skills are allowed, but try to proofread it to avoid misinformation.