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Big Bob is a boss enemy in Arknights. He is the main antagonist of Grani and the Knights' Treasure and made a cameo appearance in Heart of Surging Flame.

Archive description

One of Reunion's squad leaders. He wears a heavy blast suit and attacks with an electric chainsaw. He has been spotted leading peripheral operations in some remote areas, and is known to be a seasoned combatant and commander. Due to his devastating attacks and extreme survivability, proceed with utmost caution.


One of Reunion's special melee soldiers who attacks with an electric chainsaw. He has high HP, ATK, and DEF.

While having no special abilities at all, Big Bob have sheer HP and DEF, decent RES, and massive ATK that allows him to severely damage or outright knock out most Operators with a single attack. Fortunately, he moves and attacks very slowly – one of the slowest of all enemies in Arknights, making him more of a slow-but-powerful enemy.

Due to Big Bob's good defenses, Arts/Pure damage are highly recommended to dispatch him, which is made easier because of his long paths and occassional stops.


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HP.png HP ATK.png ATK DEF.png DEF RES.png RES
Level 0 22000 1900 800 30


ASPD.png Attack interval 6 sec.
Speed 0.5 tiles/sec.
Weight 4
Life Points.png Life Point reduction 1


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Lift
Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable

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