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Blacksteel (BS), officially named Blacksteel Worldwide (BSW), is a Terran organization. It is a private military company/contractor (PMC) based in Columbia. Currently, BS is cooperating with Rhodes Island under a special exchange program to treat one of its member's Oripathy and has been a security consultant for R.I.


A transnational security company that provides all kinds of security services from bodyguard to military force.[1]


Blacksteel was founded by veterans who participated in Columbia's war for independence against Victoria long ago. For a long time, they served as mercenaries who answered their call to the Columbian government and other corporations. However, after the Barron Mine Incident, BS gradually reformed itself from being a state-owned enterprise to a private company. At the same time, BS actively engages with other companies across Terra which eventually earns its name.[2]

To combat the Oripathy pandemic, Blacksteel has a specialized unit known as the Biochemical Protection Response Staff (BPRS). They are tasked to guarantee the safety of all Bio Department operations as well as dealing with Oripathy cases within the company.[3]

At the same time, Blacksteel imposes five rules upon its Infected staff:

  • Infected are forbidden from teaming up with other non-Infected for any combat operation or high risk mission.
  • Infected with light cases are allowed to team up with the non-Infected, but they must first request permission from the latter.
  • Infected with mild cases are forbidden from joining any team operations, but are allowed to accomplish solo missions.
  • Infected with severe cases will see their contract terminated immediately but will receive a decent amount of severance pay.
  • All Infected who are still able to work will be given medical treatment by Blacksteel.

However, some regard this policy as a yet another exploitative treatment of the Infected, seeking to extract as much work from possible from the Infected before they are no longer of any use. Realistically, the monetary compensation for contract termination can never hope to fully pay for the medical bills of someone suffering from terminal Oripathy. Meanwhile, there are increasing tensions between the Infected and non-Infected members in the company.[4]

Notable members