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Operator Elias "Blitz" Kötz from Rainbow Six Siege now joins Arknights to take point with his signature G52-Tactical Shield capable of disorienting enemies with a blinding flash and lights the way for Rhodes Island's victory!

Along with Ash, Frost, and Tachanka, Blitz is one of the Team Rainbow Operators who was inadverdently transported into Terra following the Watchtower 33 Incident. As Team Rainbow travelled across the alien yet familiar world and witnessed the horrors faced by the Terrans first-hand, Blits remains optimistic, crackes jokes all the time and becomes interested in studying the Terran languages. After completing their mission anyway with aid from Rhodes Island, Blitz and his fellow Rainbow Operators continue to travel across Terra to find a way back to Earth, but sometimes they will lend their hands to R.I. when needed.

Blitz is one of the eight protagonists of Operation Originium Dust Side Story alongside Team Rainbow members, Franka, Liskarn, Rangers and Schwarz.


In Arknights, Blitz is a 5★ Protector Defender who specializes in Defense (obviously) and DPS, and is only available from the Attack, Defence, Tactical Collide headhunting banner, part of Operation Originium Dust – the crossover between R6S and Arknights. He will never be available from any other banners and the "pity" system from other banners is not carried over to the said banner. To compensate that, if the player gets Frost from the said banner, then Blitz will be the next (and only the next) 5★ Operator that appears.

For the most part, Blitz is identical to Liskarm where he has higher ATK than other Protector Defenders and uses a ranged attack with his P12 handgun, having a range of two tiles ahead of him and can hit aerial targets (though Blitz is still classified as a melee Operator). Blitz can block up to three enemies as with other Protector Defenders, but has lower HP and DEF.

Blitz's skills allow him to disorient enemies and leaving them vulnerable to his allies, as he were in R6S:

  • The first skill, Flash Shield, has Blitz use his G52 Tactical Shield to momentarily stun and silence enemies in a radius of 2×2 tiles ahead of him, which can be useful to prevent Infused Originium Slugs from blowing up. It leaves the victims a sitting duck to Blitz and friendlies (especially W who can deal more damage against stunned enemies), and synergizes well with Shielded Shooting (see below). Like R6S, however, Blitz can only use Flash Shield four times in every deployment, so use it with caution.
  • The second skill, Shield Bash, makes Blitz to bash the enemies he is blocking with his G52 Tactical Shield, deal heavy physical damage and temporarily stun them. Furthermore, Blitz's ASPD is greatly increased and Shielded Shooting (see below) becomes more effective while the victims are stunned, allowing him to deal massive damage to the disoriented enemies. Specifically, the stun's duration is quite long – one of the longest among all Operators' skills.

Blitz's first talent, Shielded Shooting, makes him attack stunned enemies over those who aren't, which also deals more damage against them and synergizes very well with both of his skills. His second talent, Bunker Defense, gives Blitz a chance to resist physical damage if there is a ranged tile besides or behind him, making it more preferrable to deploy Blitz against one to maximize his defense against physical attacks.

Blitz's first base skill, Team Rainbow, makes every Team Rainbow Operator (Ash, Blitz himself, Frost, and Tachanka) assigned to the Control Center reduce the morale drain rate of all Operators assigned to it by 0.05 per hour when he is assigned to the Control Center as well. His second base skill, Linguistics, increases the rate at which recruitment tag refresh chances are generated by 30% when Blitz is assigned to the Human Resources Office, which is further increased by 5% for every Intelligence Reserves and Ursus Beverages generated by Ash and Tachanka, respectively.

If all four Team Rainbow Operators are assigned to the Control Center, the morale drain reduction of their respective Team Rainbow base skill and the base morale drain reduction (-0.05/hour) will effectively reduces the morale drain rate of Operators assigned to the Control Center to 0 (i.e. the assigned Operators' morale will not be drained whatsoever). Even better, assigning a fifth Operator that does not have a morale drain increase effect will have them recover morale over time due to the morale drain reduction effect becoming negative. This literally turns the Control Center into the fifth Dormitary!

Overall, Blitz is just as tough as he is in R6S and a good Protector Defender who can be used to good effect in disorienting enemies and catching them literally with their pants down. Remember: Point the gun towards the bad guys!

  • Has a ranged attack with a range of 2 tiles ahead and can hit aerial enemies, unlike other Defenders
  • Higher ATK than other Protector Defenders
  • Flash Shield stuns and silences enemies in a wide area
  • Shield Bash vastly improves DPS especially in conjunction with Shielded Shooting
  • Shielded Shooting makes Blitz prioritize attacking stunned enemies and increases the damage dealt against them, which synergizes very well with his skills
  • Bunker Defense allows Blitz to resist physical damage if there is a ranged tile on his sides or rear
  • Only available from the Attack, Defence, Tactical Collide limited headhunting banner, part of the Rainbow Six Siege-Arknights crossover; once the banner ends, Blitz will not be available from any other headhunting banners
  • Lower HP and DEF than other Protector Defenders
  • Despite having a ranged attack, Blitz remains classified as a melee Operator
  • Flash Shield can only be used four times in each deployment