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Bolívar is a Terran country. It is a small country west of Columbia inhabited by small-sized races (predominantly Perro) with limited self-defense capabilities, known for its rich Originium deposits and a monarchy ruled by the Singas dynasty with a parliament as the legislature. Currently, the nation is fallen into a bloody civil war between three political factions.


The land which comprises of the present-day Bolívar was once an overseas colony of Iberia until the Bolívarians managed to gain their independence after being colonized for 130 years. With that said, they tried to establish an independent state named after the Bolívarian Plain.

But around two centuries ago, Leithania made the newly independent Bolívar its puppet state by installing the Singas family as the fledging nation's ruler and governing Bolívar indirectly until present day. Especially during the reign of the infamous Witch King, Bolívar was used as a tool to harass the newly founded Columbia. However, it ended up with Columbia's invasion of Bolívar as part of its expansionism to control its natural resources. Even though the Witch King was later "succeeded" by the Twin Empresses, Leithania continues to aid the Singas throughout the Bolívar-Columbia war and the two nations has fallen into a never-ending stalemate.[1]

Throughout the Bolívar-Columbia war, the nation was fragmented into three war factions fighting against each other:[1][2]

  • The Singas dynasty which is formally recognized by the Terrans as the de facto government of Bolívar.
  • The pro-Columbian Coalition Government, also known as the Autonomous Government, formed by the opposition within the Bolívarian parliament. It is seen as the most well-funded of all the factions due to their covert aid from Columbia. The Coalition Government has been looking for opportunities to take control of Bolívar and becomes the worst opponent faced by the Singas.
  • The True Bolivarians, also known as the Bolívarian Resistance, which is a populist paramilitary group of insurgents made up of the Bolívarian people who had enough with the conflict between the Singas and the Coalition Government, as well as Columbia's and Leithania's imperialism.

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  • Bolívarian Plain: A huge plain that is rich of Originium deposits southwest of Terra. It is from this place where Bolívar gets its name.