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The Canteen Soup Ticket is an event currency in Arknights.


A food voucher issued by the Rhodes Island Logistics Department, redeemable at the cafeteria for a limited time for a variety of special meals.

The Rhodes Island Logistics Departmen issued this meal voucher during an event as an incentive to complete a series of missions. During the trial period, it will be distributed according to the number of missions completed or to operation results.


These tickets that can be exchanged for free meals at the R.I. mess hall/cafeteria are used during the Stories of Afternoon event as a "milestone" for the purpose of handing out event rewards. Refer to the Stories of Afternoon event article for more information about the rewards and the amount of Canteen Soup Tickets needed.


Canteen Soup Tickets are awarded by clearing any operation except Challenge Mode, Annihilation, and Inferno Mode operations during the Stories of Afternoon event, with the amount being equal to the Sanity spent to run the said operation.