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This article is about the Operator class. For the enemy, see Caster (enemy).

Caster is one of the eight Operator classes in Arknights.


Casters attack enemies with their Originium Arts, dealing Arts damage instead of the usual Physical damage. This makes Casters a viable option when facing enemies with high DEF as they typically have little to no RES.

While having good ATK, Casters have high DP cost and their attack interval is quite high, making them not as efficient as Snipers against fast-moving enemies and those with RES. Nevertheless, Casters will prove their worth when used correctly and kept away from ranged enemies due to their rather low HP and DEF.


The Caster class is divided into seven branches: Core, Splash, Blast, Chain, Mech-Accord, Phalanx, and Mystic.


Core Caster.png
Deals Arts Damage.

Core Casters (Chinese: 中坚术师; Pinyin: Zhōngjiān shùshī; lit. "Backbone Caster"), formerly known as ST (Single-Target) Casters, attack one enemy at a time – hence their former name.

Core Casters have low attack interval and DP cost among Caster branches.


Splash Caster.png
Deals AOE Arts Damage.

Splash Casters (Chinese: 扩散术师; Pinyin: Kuòsàn shùshī; lit. "[Wide]spread Caster"), formerly known as AoE (Area-of-Effect) Casters, as their name suggests, deal splash damage affecting enemies within a radius of 1.1 tiles centered on the primary target with high ATK in exchange for a higher DP cost, shorter range, and longer attack interval.

Splash Casters are best used against tight groups of enemies.


Blast Caster.png
Deals AOE Arts Damage in a long line.

Blast Casters (Chinese: 轰击术师; Pinyin: Hōngjí shùshī; lit. "Bombardier Caster") have a linear attack range covering the tiles ahead of them, which hits all enemies on the said range.

Blast Casters have one of the highest ATK and DP costs of all Caster branches.


Chain Caster.png
Attacks deal Arts damage and jump to 3/4 other enemies. Each jump deals 15% less damage and inflicts a brief Slow.

Chain Casters (Chinese: 链术师; Pinyin: Liàn shùshī) are similar to Core Casters, but their attacks "jump" between multiple enemies if they are close enough to each other and slow the victims (though not to the same degree as Decel Binder Supporters), with each jump dealing less damage.

Chain Casters combine aspects of both Core and Splash Casters simultaneously, though they are usually inferior when only one role is needed, especially due to their higher DP cost than the former and lower ATK than the latter.


Mech-Accord Caster.png
Controls a Drone to deal Arts damage to an enemy; When the Drone continuously attacks the same enemy, its damage will increase (up to 110% of the operator's ATK).

Mech-Accord Casters (Chinese: 驭械术师; Pinyin: Yùxiè shùshī; lit. "Armsman Caster") are similar to Core Casters, but controls a "drone" which can attack enemies on its own (independent of the Mech-Accord Caster's targeting) with low attack interval but low ATK; in the event that both the Mech-Accord Caster and their drone attack the same enemy, the damage dealt by the latter is increased in each attack.

Mech-Accord Casters largely fulfill the same role as Core Casters.


Phalanx Caster.png
Normally does not attack, but has greatly increased DEF and RES; When skill is active, attacks deal AoE Arts Damage.

Phalanx Casters (Chinese: 阵法术师; Pinyin: Zhènfǎ shùshī; lit. "Array/Formation Caster"), formerly known as Channeler or Modal Casters, only attack when their skill is active, which damages all enemies within their attack range. To offset this, Phalanx Casters have their DEF and RES increased when their skill is not active.


Mystic Caster.png
Attacks deal Arts damage; When unable to find a target, attacks can be stored up and fired all at once (Up to 3 charges).

Mystic Casters (Chinese: 秘术师; Pinyin: Mì shùshī; lit. "Occult Caster"), formerly known as Burst or Charge Casters, are similar to Core Casters, but store their attacks while no enemies are in range; when an enemy comes into range, they release all stored attacks, essentially multiplying the damage dealt.

Mystic Casters have one of the highest ATK outputs for a Caster, but high attack interval that is on par with Splash Casters. They also cannot attack enemies directly on their side.