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This article is about the term. For the related occupation, see Catastrophe Messenger.

The typical tell-tale sign of a Catastrophe; dark skies, violent weather, and grim atmosphere.

The general name for a variety of frequent natural calamities, including but not limited to storms, blizzards, floods and even meteor showers.
—Loading screen tip (also used as the first sentence of the description below)

Catastrophe is an umbrella term for natural disasters in the world of Arknights.


Catastrophes occur frequently, but also at unpredictable intervals. Therefore, most civilizations can only hide from Catastrophes by moving the entire cities. A mineral called Originium can usually be found in the area after a Catastrophe is over. Studies indicate that Catastrophes may be actually serve as vectors for the spread of Originium.[1]


Natural disasters of many types, from earthquakes to meteor impacts, occur much more frequently on Terra than on Earth and are referred to as "Catastrophes" since such occurrences are cataclysmic in scale under the Terrans' perspective — often far worse than the natural disasters on Earth. As such, the majority of Terrans opt to embrace a nomadic lifestyle by living on mobile settlements instead of a sedentary one.

Terra's technology and Catastrophe Messengers at least allow a more-or-less accurate prediction of when and where a Catastrophe will occur, giving the nomadic settlements an opportunity to relocate before the Catastrophe strikes, lessening the damage it causes. Errors do occur from time to time, however, which could have devastating consequences as seen with Chernobog in Episode 01 and Wolumonde during the events of Twilight of Wolumonde.

Catastrophes are seen as both a blessing and a curse; a crystalline mineral named Originium is often left behind in the aftermath of a Catastrophe, which is extensively used as a source of energy – including the magic-like Originium Arts – but can cause the deadly Oripathy disease when exposed to organic matter.


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