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This article is about the occupation. For the related term, see Catastrophe.
It's all about saving lives. More lives.
—The Catastrophe Messengers' creed

In the world of Arknights, a Catastrophe Messenger is an individual responsible for observing, analyzing, and studying Catastrophes to learn more about their nature, including their forecasting and mitigation. This makes Catastrophe Messengers' service highly sought after, especially by nation-states and organizations to improve their preparedness for the otherwise unpredictable Catastrophes.

Contingency Contract

For the eponymous seasonal event, see Contingency Contract.

Contingency Contract – high-risk, high-reward field intelligence service maintained by Catastrophe Messengers

Catastrophe Messengers are also known for establishing and maintaining Contingency Contract, an organization providing communication systems and interfaces between willing participants, intended to be used to coordinate humanitarian efforts in high-pressure operations that necessitate efficient tactical and logistical support.[1]

According to Ayerscarpe, Contingency Contract is nothing more but a platform that offers up bounties and sets goals to be accomplished, meaning that despite fashioning itself as a humanitarian organization, C.C. may well connect mercenaries and hitmen and their clients and may not scrutinize every contract passed under its systems, and the otherwise well-regulated organization has been affected by corruption to some extent.[2]

Rhodes Island had been closely partnering with Contingency Contract prior to the Chernobog uprising, and their contract was temporarily cut off between each other.[1]


  • Biederman: A Catastrophe Messenger working for the Leithanien nomadic city of Wolumonde who was not native to either of them. Following the emergence of the Great Rift, Biederman was blamed by the Wolumonders for his failure to prevent Wolumonde from an upcoming Catastrophe. He was later tricked by Thorwald, the son of Severin Hawthorn, to murder Atro, the Rhodes Island doctor working in Wolumonde.[3] Biederman was found dead in the climax of the Wolumonde insurgency, with Ayerscarpe implying that he was murdered by a Contingency Contract assassin for unknown reasons.[4]

Cronin is the Catastrophe Messenger of Siesta until he was unceremoniously fired by Herman Doykos for his corruption during the events of Heart of Surging Flame.