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This article is about the nomadic city. For the Annihilation operation, see Chernobog (Annihilation).

A skyline view of Chernobog

Chernobog (Чернобог) is a nomadic city of Ursus. It is the setting for the first part of the main plot of Arknights as well for the side story Children of Ursus.


Chernobog was once an old Ursine nomadic city that was almost torn down. However, in Terran Year 1076, twenty years before the events of the Main Theme, the Boris Group, a small mining company, unearthed a mysterious ancient device named the "Sarcophagus." Upon hearing the news, Count Boris, an Ursine noble and the leader of the mining company, decided to use the Sarcophagus to rebuild Chernobog into an industrial city. His aim was to win over the struggle against the Ursus Imperial Army, which controlled much of the Originium mining in the country. As Chernobog expanded rapidly, many smaller cities began to join Boris' venture not only because of his generosity, but also as a plan to defeat the military. Many scientists were sent to Chernobog to investigate and provide maintenance for the Sarcophagus.

However, the scientist group led by Kal'tsit made a breaking discovery. They discovered that not only the Sarcophagus is indeed very ancient, but also they realized that the device could bring both a potential revolution and chaos to Ursus. Feeling that their interests were threatened, the Ursus Fourth Army, led by Grand Duke Vanya, sent several secret police to investigate the Chernobog scientists. The secret police used brute forces to force Sergei, one of Kal'tsit's students, to reveal the secret. In order to stop their future plans, the Fourth Army massacred the scientists. Ironically, the Count provided shelter for Sergei from the massacre due to his massive contribution to the city.[1]

After the massacre, the Ursus government proclaimed that it was an accident. The parents and friends of those victims were given warning by the secret police to shut up. Meanwhile, Sergei led the surviving scientists to form a new research team four year later (Terran Year 1080).[2] But with their morale strained by the tragedy, both Sergei and Boris could not get new result from the device. The Sarcophagus was eventually sealed off and left forgotten. Meanwhile, the Count, who was benefited by the Sarcophagus' research, had become unharmed by the military and continued the industrialization of Chernobog, making it an important city to Ursus.[1]

The Sarcophagus

The main part of the Sarcophagus.

The Sarcophagus is a very ancient device inside the core city of Chernobog. What makes it unique is its power source's lack of reliance on Originium, instead being powered by unknown means. Even the slightest energy siphoned from the Sarcophagus could power the entire city, making it the core energy source of Chernobog. To the Chernobog scientists, the Sarcophagus's energy source could revolutionize Ursus and greatly reduce the nation's reliance on Originium mining. On the other hand, they also feared that it could easily lead to its weaponization. If successful, Ursus will further expand its imperialism.

The core of the Sarcophagus.

Another feature of the Sarcophagus is its mechanism. It could be used to heal a wounded person. However, if an Infected is put inside the Sarcophagus, it will reverse the person into "its ancient form (as in Mephisto's case)." It seems that the Sarcophagus' treatment could only work on the Doctor.

Three years ago after the fall of Babel, Kal'tsit placed the heavily injured Doctor inside the Sarcophagus; by the time Rhodes Island returned to rescue the Doctor, the Doctor has lost most of their memory.[1]

Main Story

Reunion Arc

As the city of Chernobog industrialized, more and more Infected became unsatisfied with the local government. Consequently, the newly-formed Reunion Movement took the opportunity to start a violent riot in December of Terran Year 1096.[3] In the midst of the conflict, Reunion led the city into a Catastrophe and Chernobog was completely destroyed.[4] During this time, Rhodes Island conducted a rescue mission to bring the Doctor back from the Sarcophagus, while trying to rescue citizens.

The rampaging Chernobog's core city.

The Chernobog crisis did not end with its destruction. Talulah intended to use the core city of Chernobog to cause a collision with Lungmen, which, if successful, would essentially start a war between Ursus and Yan.[5] Therefore, Rhodes Island conducted another mission into Chernobog to halt the rampaging nomadic city. While dealing with Patriot's guerillas, the Ursus Third Army, led by Grand Duke Baikal and Viscount Kerque, secretly infiltrated Chernobog, forcing Rhodes Island to deal with them as well. After Amiya and Ch'en defeated Talulah, the squad recaptured the control tower and stopped its collision.

In the aftermath of the crisis, both Grand Duke Baikal and Viscount Kerque committed suicide to avoid investigation by Emperor Fyodor.[6]


Children of Ursus

During the Chernobog uprising, Patriot ordered to have the local students locked inside Peterheim Middle School to protect them from violence. But without his knowing, Mephisto secretly conducted some inhumane experiments onto the students. Meanwhile, there was an increasing tension between the nobles and the commoners. The final straw was a fire accidentally set by Sonya that destroyed the school's food supply. Bloodshed broke out among the students and some were even forced to cannibalize others in order to survive.

Notable citizens

  • Count Boris: the mayor of Chernobog as well as the leader of the Boris Group. Although he managed to escape during the Chernobog uprising, he was later killed by the Catastrophe that followed after it.[7]

The following persons were scientists who were involved in the Sarcophagus research:

  • Sergei (Misha's and Alex's father)
  • Astrov (Lillia's husband)
  • Ilia (Lyudmila's father)
  • Romanovich
  • Vanpilov



Chernobog is a Slavic deity of bad fate whose name literally means "black god." Interestingly, the name is similar to that of Chernobyl, where the 1986 Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant disaster took place.


  • The Chernobog Sarcophagus may be a reference to the CNPP Shelter Structure, commonly known as the "sarcophagus."