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Columbia, formally known as the Columbian Union,[note 1] is a Terran country. It is a federal presidential republic and the only known democratic country in Terra, made up of various states with a municipal government and their own laws.

Columbia is not only the youngest nation in Terra, but also a melting pot of various races and cultures around Terra. Columbia is famous for its technological progress and military influence; indeed, the Rhine Lab scientific consortium and the Blacksteel private military company are based on Columbia. However, Columbia has been increasingly expanding its influence to the point of becoming a new Terran great power.

Columbia is notable for its treatment towards the Infected, which is seen as much better than in other countries (especially Ursus). On the other hand, the nation is secretly exploiting both the Infected and the commoners.


Originally, Columbia was just a Victorian colony formed by various city-states on the northwestern side of Terra. However, during Gaul's invasion of Victoria, the colony took the opportunity to declare independence. With the increasing pressure from Gaul, the Victorian border dukes had no option to stop the rebellion but chose to retreat their armies stationed in Columbia, leading to the formation of a new country.[1]

While it is true that the Infected are treated equally in Columbia, those who emigrated there are required to be employed as workers for a certain period before they could earn their citizenship. This effectively means that Columbia sees the Infected migrants as cheap labor, though this system can be interpreted as a win-win solution for both Columbia and the Infected.[2] Meanwhile, Columbia uses the propaganda of the "Columbia Dream" to attract pioneers for its westernmost frontiers, but it comes with a cost of receiving ill treatment and neglection.[3] Despite its promised equality, there is an underlying discrimination against the Sarkaz in Columbia.[4] Even the Infected communities have to face systematic segregations and are forced to live in restricted areas.[5]

The arms race is now unstoppable...

There are also growing rumors that Columbia, in an effort to triumph over the other Terran great powers such as Ursus, Leithania, and Laterano, is secretly conducting unethical experimentations in order to weaponize Originium. Ifrit and Rosmontis are the known subjects of Columbia's pursuit for technological supremacy.

During the reign of the Witch King of Leithania, Columbia invaded Bolívar as a retaliation against Leithania's provocation. Columbia took this opportunity to secure its vast resource deposits. However, it was beaten back after Leithania provided Bolívar military support and both countries entered a never-ending stalemate.[6] After this failure, Columbia sets its eyes onto Sargon and slowly destabilizes the country by covertly funding mercenaries operating there.[7]

Columbia does have a lighter side to its expansionism. The nation is known for its soft power who exports its vibrant culture to all around Terra. Even the most conservative ones start to experience such culture shock through Columbian movies, music and sports. This is especially obvious in Emperor's worldwide popularity and the baseball craze within its borders.

Notable people


Born in Columbia but aligned/affiliated with other countries/factions
Born in other countries but aligned with Columbia


  • President of Columbia: The current President of the country. Rumors say that he is actually a cyborg.[8]
  • Professor Thorne: A Vouivre researcher from Blaine Formative and Elliot's professor. Twenty-two years ago, he led the "Sand Soldiers" into the Ibut Region of Sargon for a research on an Originium-based weapon. However, he was preyed by the local Padishah and was later murdered.[9]



  • Bunkerhill: The city where Simon Co. and the HydeBro locate.[10]
  • Ironforge: The city where Anthony Simon was arrested. Due to the city being under a different state law, Anthony was free from the HydeBro's interference.[11] Long ago, Ironforge experienced a serious Originium leakage incident that eventually led to Franka's infection.[12][13]
  • Nulaiteburgh: The city where the Mansfield State Prison was docked during Anthony's prison break.[14]
  • Tkaronto: a desert city lying along the Columbian border that is close to Sargon.[3] At one time, it was the place where Rhodes Island was hiding from the policemen bribed by Mama John's that failed in a negotiation with it.[5]
  • Wrankwood: A city in Columbia known for being the heart of its film industry.[15]



  1. Originally "Columbia Union," which is grammatically incorrect.