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Competition Medal, incorrectly known in-game as Competition Medals, is an event currency in Arknights.


A small medal made from metal. Gain certain amounts and receive corresponding competition rewards.

Points gained for taking down OpFor troops, awarded to competitors in the form of medals. Owing to it being forged by Minos smiths, in each medal's engraving is the proverb "all heroes arise from normal people."


These Minoan medals awarded for competitors in the annual Hymnoi Wisdom event for their heroic feats are used during the Hymnoi Wisdom event as a "milestone" for the purpose of handing out event rewards. Refer to the Hymnoi Wisdom event article for more information about the rewards and the amount of Competitive Medals needed.


Competition Medals are awarded by clearing Hymnoi Wisdom's operations for the first time and as guaranteed special drops from Training Base operations (TB-DB-1, TB-DB-2, TB-DB-3, TB-DB-4) and FIN-TS, with the amount based on the Sanity.png Sanity spent to run the operation at a 1:5 ratio.