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Contingency Contract #0 – Operation Barrenland, often simply known as Contingency Contract #0 or Contingency Contract Barrenland, is the second season of the namesake seasonal event in Arknights.

C.C Barrenland introduces new mechanics that would become the standard of future C.C. events such as Training Grounds, Ratings, Permanent and Special Trade Centers, and Support Unit Highest Risk, which is the reason why C.C. Barrenland is designated as "Season #0" despite technically being the second season of C.C..

Release date
CN April 17, 2020 ~ April 31, 2020
Global/EN September 10, 2020 ~ September 24, 2020
TW March 4, 2021 ~ March 18, 2021


Contingency Contract Barrenland schedule.png

Secret Sanctuary

To buy all new items in the Permanent Trade Center and those with limited stock in the Special Trade Center, the player must spend 5095 Contract Bounty icon.png.

Assuming that the player clears all Rotating Sites with Risk 8, clears Broken Path with Risk 18 and all Challenge Contracts completed, and unlocking all contracts on all Training Ground operations, the player can earn up to 4825 Contract Bounty icon.png. Therefore, one should prioritize the most important items first, preferrably adding Bibeak into their roster.


The Piper on the Knoll headhunting banner is featured.


The following outfits are available in the Outfit Store:


The Healthy Diner furniture set now replaces the Colombian Modern Hotel set as lucky drops in most operations, which is now available in the Furniture Store.