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Dossoles Holiday is now live to commemorate the Global/EN server's 2nd anniversary! Check out the DH article for more information.


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Contingency Contract #4 – Operation Lead Seal, often simply known as Contingency Contract #4 or Contingency Contract Lead Seal, is the sixth season of the namesake seasonal event in Arknights.

Release date
CN January 19, 2021 ~ February 2, 2021
Global/EN July 13, 2021 ~ July 27, 2021
TW November 25, 2021 ~ December 9, 2021


Contingency Contract Lead Seal schedule.png

Secret Sanctuary

To buy all new items in the Permanent Trade Center and those with limited stock in the Special Trade Center, the player must spend 4620 Contract Bounty icon.png.

Assuming that the player clears all Rotating Sites with Risk 8, clears Abandoned Mine with Risk 18 and all Challenge Contracts completed, and unlocking all contracts on Windswept Highland (now a Rotating Site) and the newly introduced Locked-Down Prison, the player can earn up to 4525 Contract Bounty icon.png. Therefore, one should prioritize the most important items first, preferably adding Tuye to their roster.


The Earthborn Metals Half Year Anniversary limited headhunting banner is rerunned.

In addition, all players who had pulled in the original Earthborn Metals banner during the Ancient Forge event will receive Headhunting Data Contracts equal to the amount of pulls they made there (given as an in-game mail).


The following Operators are added to the recruitment pool:

Because of this, the following tag combinations' rates are adjusted to accomodate the additions:

  • Rare
    • Top Operator + DPS + Slow, Top Operator + Ranged + Slow/Support, Top Operator + Slow/Support, Top Operator + Supporter, Top Operator + Supporter + DPS/Slow/Support (now guarantees Magallan)

Also, all current tags will be refreshed once the recruitment pool are updated!


The following outfits are available in the Outfit Store:



New medals related to the Operator Trust and the Liaison's Medal V are added.


Operator Record/Paradox Simulation

New Operator Records/Paradox Simulations are added for the following Operators: