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The Crystalline Component is an upgrade material in Arknights, introduced alongside Episode 08.


An important Originium industry material. Can be used for a variety of upgrades. Can be manufactured and assembled into more advanced Originium electric components.

A raw industrial material made with the outer shell of an Originium crystal. A fundamental product in the modern Originium electronics industry.


The first of the Crystalline-type upgrade materials, Crystaline Components are a shard made from the outer shell of Originium crystals and acts as an essential component in Originium electronic devices, likely as either resonators or oscilliators in a similar manner to quartz crystals on our world. Crystalline Components are used in the advanced skill upgrades, Mastery training, and Elite 2 promotion of certain Operators introduced from Episode 08 onwards.



Operation drops

Operation Sanity Drop rate Sanity per drop
21 Sanity icon.png Uncommon (~57%) ~37 Sanity icon.png
18 Sanity icon.png Rare (~34%) ~53 Sanity icon.png
18 Sanity icon.png Rare (~26%) ~69 Sanity icon.png
18 Sanity icon.png Uncommon
15 Sanity icon.png Rare
15 Sanity icon.png Rare
18 Sanity icon.png Uncommon

As seen on the table above, the best operation to farm Crystalline Components is R8-11, whether if one needs them only or to process Crystalline Circuit.png Crystalline Circuit due to it being a special drop there.

Extra drops


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