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Dossoles Northern Suburbs
Dossoles Holiday: Tidings Unseen
DH-MO-1 map.png
Far away from the hustle and bustle of Dossoles' city center, the diehards among Pancho's underlings ensconce themselves here. Please look for a way to defeat them amidst the ever changing tide.
<High Tide> Unable to deploy on flooded tiles. Allied units and enemies in the water will be affected by "Erosion": Allied units have reduced ASPD, continually receive Corrosion Damage and receive additional Corrosion Damage when attacked; Enemies have reduced ASPD and Movement Speed, and continually lose HP


Recommended level Unit Limit 10
Sanity icon.png Sanity 0 Initial DP 50
Drill Plan icon.png Drill Plan Life Points.png Life Points 10
EXP.png EXP 0 Enemy icon new.png Enemies 403
LMD icon.png LMD 0

The automatic DP generation is disabled (this is not stated in-game) and the maximum DP count is set to 999.

Terrain notes
  • Enemies on the submerged tiles during a High Tide have their ASPD and speed reduced by 60%, and takes 100 Pure damage every second.
  • Friendly units on the submerged tiles during a High Tide have their ASPD reduced by 60%, takes 40 Corrosion Damage build-up every second, and receives 25% of the damage they received as Corrosion Damage build-up when attacked.


First Clear
3 Stars
Originite Prime.png
3 Stars
Sticker 45.png


Allies Competition Transport Vessel ×3
Normal Airborne Soldier Leader ×18, Diver ×33, Diver Leader ×14, Delinquent ×102, Delinquent Boss ×44, Dockworker ×29, Dockworker Leader ×5, Tidal Caster ×6, Tidal Leader ×1, Unmanned Explosive Boat ×25, Unmanned Heavy Explosive Boat ×35, Tactical Hound ×31, Tactical Hound Pro ×19
Elite icon.png Elite Caster Speedboat ×7, Tidal Leader Speedboat ×13, Dockworker Motorboat ×5, Dockworker Leader Motorboat ×13

Dockworkers, Dockworker Leaders, Tidal Casters, and Tidal Leaders ejected by Motorboats/Speedboats are excluded from the enemy counter.