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The Defense Crusher is an elite enemy in Arknights. They first appear in Episode 05.

Archive description

One of Reunion's senior elites, clad in a heavy blast suit. Each swing from their weapon is slow but packs tremendous destructive power. Operators will be stunned after taking several attacks. Proceed with caution.

After two attacks, the next attack Stuns its target


An elite Reunion soldier clad in a heavy blast suit, capable of stunning Operators after a few attacks.

An elite Reunion fighter wearing a blast suit and wielding a large hammer, Defense Crushers boast a sheer amount of HP and DEF to which Physical damage barely scratches them, in addition to high ATK that allows the Crusher to inflict heavy damage to most melee Operators. However, their slow speed and lack of RES make Defense Crushers vulnerable to Casters and Supporters.

Every third of the Defense Crusher's attacks will stun the victim for 7 seconds, with the Crusher's hammer glowing red after the second attack as a warning; silencing the Defense Crusher will prevent them from unleashing their special attack and also freezes the attack count. Thus care should be taken when facing Defense Crushers, as their stunning attack will leave the victim defenseless and allowing melee enemies (including the Crusher themselves) to walk past them unhindered.


Main Theme
Contingency Contract
Integrated Strategies
Paradox Simulation



HP.png HP ATK.png ATK DEF.png DEF RES.png RES
Level 0 10000 1000 1000 0


ASPD.png Attack interval 3.5 sec.
Speed 0.5 tiles/sec.
Weight 4
Life Points.png Life Point reduction 1


Silence Stun Sleep Freeze Lift
Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable Vulnerable

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