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The Delicious Honey Biscuit is a currency in the Integrated Strategies game mode of Arknights.


A traditional Minosian food made from starch and fructose. Used to obtain rewards from the Honey Biscuit Castle.

Ceobe's favorite food. She is willing to part with anything in exchange for these.


These Minoan honey-flavored biscuits which Ceobe enjoys the most of all the delicacies she had tasted are used during the Ceobe's Fungimist event as a milestone for the purpose of handing out event the Honey Biscuit Castle rewards. Refer to the Ceobe's Fungimist event article for more information about the rewards and the amount of Delicious Honey Biscuits needed.

In Phantom & Crimson Solitaire, Delicious Honey Biscuit is replaced by Candle.png Candle, which are otherwise identical in function.


Delicious Honey Biscuits are awarded at the end of an Integrated Strategies run during the Ceobe's Fungimist event alongside Magnificent Mushroom.png Magnificent Mushroom regardless of the outcome, with the amount being equal to the player's final score in the run.

Joyous Wandering runs are worth only half Delicious Honey Biscuits, while Treacherous Road runs are worth 20% more.


  • The Delicious Honey Biscuit resembles the baklava, which is popular in Greece – Terra's analogue to Minos.