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Deployment Point (DP), also known as Cost, is a numeric value used to deploy Operators in Arknights. Each Operator has different DP costs depending on their class, branch, and rarity; generally, lower-rarity Operators cost lower DP than higher-rarity ones. Most Operators will have their DP cost reduced as their potential increases, and certain talents can also achieve the same effect.

An Operator's DP cost will be increased to 1.5× when they are redeployed for the first time, and 2× when redeployed for the second time onwards. An Operator's DP cost will never be above 99; this is especially noticeable in Challenge Modes that increases the DP cost of certain Operators. An Operator returns half of their current DP cost when retreated, rounded down, with the following exceptions:

DP automatically regenerates at a rate of 1 DP per second; however, some operations restrict DP generation by slowing or even disabling it completely. Notably, the "Objective: Deep Infiltration" Contracts in Contingency Contract will reduce DP generation rate in the event they are used, and the automatic DP generation is disabled in Annihilation operations.

Vanguards are capable of generating DP, with the mean depends on their subclass:

  • Pioneer and Standard Bearer Vanguards generate DP through their skills, with the latter having the highest rate.
    • Texas' talent Tactical Delivery increases the starting DP of the operation.
    • Zima's second skill Ursus's Roar causes all Vanguards to generate 1 additional DP upon defeating an enemy while active.
  • Charger Vanguards generate 1 DP upon defeating an enemy.
    • As mentioned above, all Charger Vanguards will generate 2 DP upon defeating an enemy instead of 1 when Zima's Ursus's Roar is active.
    • Reed's second skill Soul Spark increases the DP she generates upon defeating an enemy to 2 while active. When Zima's Ursus's Roar is active as well, she will generate 3 DP upon defeating an enemy instead.

Players start an operation with certain amounts of DP, though some have zero. The maximum amount of DP the player can have in an operation is capped at 99 except in Annihilation operations where the cap is increased to 999.