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You can't remember anything.
At first, you can't feel anything. Things gradually start to feel familiar...
But in the end, you can't remember anything important.
Archive description

The Doctor is the player character of Arknights and one of the two protagonists of the Main Theme alongside Amiya.


Not much is currently known about the Doctor, other than the fact that they have a doctorate in neurology[2], they're a workaholic[3] had extensively researched Oripathy prior to the events of Arknights. Despite their title, the Doctor is seen to be an excellent field commander, evidenced by their impressive record of commanding Rhodes Island operators in the conflict against Reunion.

Unlike most Terran Ancients, the Doctor lacks any visible animal traits, leaving their race a mystery.

Prior to their amnesia, the Doctor was a member of Babel, R.I.'s predecessor, as one of their key figures; and had more-or-less the same role as they presently have: a tactician and a researcher. The doctor during his days in babel was reguarded as a inhuman figure above everyone, believed by Ines and Hoederer to be much like a chess master who is in control of the whole war.[4]

Adding to they're intimidating figure and reputation, elite operator Scout noted how in the doctor's eyes everyone sees nothing but victory, but he sees nothing. He wished the doctor to not lead another battle and to not have anything to do with Rhodes Island as to not be forged in the flames of war yet again, despite noting that it will lead RI to a golden age.[5]

The Doctor is also believed to have been involved in some way or form in the death of Babel's leader, Theresa, in the most recent civil war in Kazdel. During the decapitating strike operation the doctor is believed by Kal'tsit and W to have leaked the location of Theresa leading to her demise which caused both of them to begin hating them; had it not been for Theresa's wish to ensure the Doctor's safety, Kal'tsit would have already killed them to avenge her death. This is the root cause for Kal'tsit's resentment of the Doctor throughout the Main Story, although she has stated that they mutually did not trust each other prior to this.[6]

The Doctor also acts as a teacher to Ifrit[7] and Projekt Red.

Main Theme


The Doctor, currently healing in the Chernobog Sarcophagus, is rescued by a Rhodes Island extraction team, headed by Amiya. Upon rescue, Rhodes Island discovers that the Doctor is amnesiac; they are unable to remember anything prior to that moment, including their name. After a moment of shock, Amiya quickly recuperates after being told that they are under attack. Amiya then asks the Doctor to take command of their forces, albeit reluctantly due to their aforementioned amnesia. The Doctor is proven to still retain his commandeering skills acutely; they defeat the attackers, who are subsequently revealed to be members of the Reunion Movement.

As the extraction team moves throughout the city, currently in chaos due to the inability of the Ursus soldiers to contain the influx of Reunion members, in an attempt to escape. As the group progresses, they meet with an unknown figure, who expresses their desire for all Chernobogians to die. Narrowly escaping, they rendezvous with Ace, who recognizes the Doctor, and alludes to the "good ol' days," to which the latter expresses confusion. Amiya explains to Ace that the Doctor has lost their memory, and despite being unable to recall past events, their tactical abilities are just as sharp as before. Ace accepts this truth quickly and asks the Doctor for further orders.

Side Stories

Darknights Memoir

The Doctor is revealed to have been around since Rhodes Island Pharmaceutical previous incarnation Babel. Together with Kal'tsit and Theresa they had a shared goal of saving the sarkaz and granting them equality in terra instead of just being used as mercenaries and being looked down upon.

Theresa in an event known as the decapitation operation is then assaulted and killed, by assassins sent by her brother Theresis. It is belived the Doctor had a hand in her death by Kal'tsit and W earning their emnity due to this unfortunate event. A bit later after the operation and the presumed death of Theresa the doctor had been severly wounded and had been placed in the sarcophagus by Kal'tsit. [8]

Heart of Surging Flame

The Doctor and Amiya go to Siesta after the events of the Reunion arc to take a break and relax. After a brief encounter with Schwarz , The Doctor is called by Skyfire and Province due to an injured civilian found near the volcano. The civilian turned out to be the mayor's daughter Ceylon Doykos who believed the volcano was going to erupt and went to check in herself before getting surrounded by originium slugs and being saved my Skyfire and Province. The suspicions of her's turns out to be correct as the volcano was getting ready to erupt and that Siesta's catastrophe messanger Cronin had lied to stage a coup. The coup is later foiled by efforts of the doctor and ceylon and the volcano catstrophe is prevented thanks to Skyfire and Province.

Gavial the Great Chief Returns

The introduction of this event has the The Doctor unconscious with them being lead through a dream (that varies on dialogue choices) by a mysterious voice that claims it itself could be an "unknown existence" and The Doctor should be respectful and "offer up [their] purest blood" or The Doctor are meaningless conversation with an their "imaginary self" (the mysterious voice). After The Doctor comes to consciousness, it is revealed to the player how The Doctor is dragged along by Gavial on vacation as a form of R&R and mission. Unfortunately, their aircraft gets shot down by the Tomimi, with the engine stolen by a tribe for its technological advancement adding to they're list of troubles Ceobe eats a bunch of random mushrooms and begins hallucinating. Gavial later on meets up with Tomimi and everyone goes to the ceremony to to see who is the next great chief. Gavial joins the competition and ends up fighting with Zumama. Gavial was winning until Zumama brought out The Big Ugly Thing powered by they're stolen engine proclaiming that fists alone aren't enough to have a future and for the better of the tribes she will bring out the age of machines. [9]

The BIg Ugly Thing then thrashes gavial briefly knocking her out. After everyone comes back together they all head to Zumama's tribe to retreave the stolen engine. After winning the fight agenst The Big Ugly Thing Zumama returns the engine after which she tomimi reveals herself to be the one to take down the doctor's aircraft because she wishes Gavial to stay in Sargon. Unable to prevent Gavial from leaving she, Zumama and the recently joined Flint all go to Rhodes Island.

Near Light


Break the Ice



Operational Intelligence

Stories of Afternoon

Children of Ursus

Rewinding Breeze




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