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Dodge is a gameplay mechanic in Arknights.


As the name suggests, Dodge allows the bearer to evade an attack directed at them, completely nullifying it in the process. However, dodging attacks does not prevent the bearer from being affected by anything triggered by hitting the target, such as Abnormal Statuses from certain attacks and Elemental Damages. Conversely, Operators with defensive SP recovery for their skills will not generate SP if the attack that would hit them is dodged.

Multiple instances of Dodge stack multiplicatively with each other.

Currently all sources of Dodge only work against Physical and/or Arts attacks; there are no known ways to dodge attacks that deal Pure damage.



Ambusher Specialists have an innate 50% Physical/Arts dodge.

Operator Skill/Talent Information
Dodge Rate Up (talent) 50% Physical
Ying Xiao - Fleeting Night
60% Arts while active
Resilient Mode
The first instance of Arts damage, whether from attacks and abilities, received while Resilient Mode is active will be dodged.
20% ~ 60% Physical
Blade Art (talent) 10% (+3%) Physical
Visual Trap
25% ~ 50% Physical for friendly units in range while active
Lucky Lass (talent) 50% Arts
Quick Intuition
Guaranteed Physical after each activation (once only, does not stack)
"Pinus Sylvestris"
35% ~ 50% Physical to friendly units within range for 10 seconds
60%/80% Physical/Arts while active
Pinus Sylvestris Leader (talent) 22% (+3%) for Kazimierz Operators while deployed
Mounted Police (talent) 10%/20% (+5%) Physical for all Vanguard Operators while Grani is deployed
Striped Camouflage (talent) 10%/20% (+3%) Physical for friendly units in range
Half Moon
75% Physical while active
Quick Fists (talent) 15%/30% (+3%) Physical
Kung Fu (talent) 20%/40% (+3%) Physical
Pay Close Attention!
40% ~ 70% Physical while active
Extreme Evasion (talent) 15%/30% (+3%) Physical
75% Physical/Arts while active
Bionic Device
10% ~ 35% Physical/Arts for all Robotters (and friendly units adjacent to them from M1)
Sturdy Constitution (talent) 15% Physical
Wax and Wane
30% ~ 50% Physical
Dual Personality (talent) 20%/40% (+5%) Physical/Arts while using Skill-Nightmare1.png Drain Soul
10% ~ 25% Arts for friendly units in range while active
Phantom of the Night
20% ~ 50% Physical for 10 seconds
Skill-Projekt Red1.png
Execution Mode
20% ~ 50% Physical/Arts for 10 seconds
Auditory Training (talent) 15%/30% (+4%) Physical
Clear Mind (talent) 70% Physical
Invisible Blade (talent) 20%/30% Physical
Smoke Installation (talent) 10%/20% (+5%) Physical to friendlies healed with Skill-Spot1.png Secondary Healing Mode for 3 seconds
Without a Trace
25% ~ 35% Physical/Arts to friendly units within attack range while active
Self-Defense (talent) 25% (+5%) Physical Melee at E2 while Vulcan's skill is active
Ambush (talent) 40%/60% Physical/Arts 10 seconds after deployment


Elite icon.png Elite
Boss icon.png Boss
  • Delinquents and Delinquent Bosses, and Lucian have 40% Physical dodge while not blocked.
  • Redmark (Elite) Infiltrators gain 40% Physical and Arts dodge while inside a Sandstorm.


Operator Source Notes
Stilled Breath (talent) Fartooth's attacks while her skill is active will never proc the target's Physical dodge.
Vanguard Swordsmanship (talent) Upon dodging a Physical attack, the next attack deals two hits and (from E2) hits multiple enemies within Flametail's range equal to her block count.
Quick Fists (talent) Upon dodging a Physical attack, the next attack have its ATK increased by 80%/100%.
Pay Close Attention!
Upon dodging a Physical attack, launches a counter-attack to an enemy within range with 120% ~ 160% ATK, but Jackie can only launch counter-attacks once every 100% ~ 50% of her attack interval.
Extreme Evasion (talent) Upon dodging a Physical attack, increases ASPD by 6/12 for 5 seconds. Every successful dodge will refresh the duration.

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