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The one who sets the sun.

Dublinn is one of the antagonistic factions in the second act of Arknights' Main Theme. It is an armed revolutionary movement founded by the remaining Dracos who wish to topple the current Aslans' rule of Victoria and restore their former reign.


"People of Victoria, fear the wrath of the Dracos!"

Nothing is known much about the background of Dublinn. However, Dublinn was possibly formed as a consequence of the Aslan-Draco civil war in which the latter was forced to share the throne with foreigners.[1] Though members of Dublinn are consist of Dracos, there are many non-Dracos joining the organization who wish to side with the Draco king out of political interests, especially since Dracos are considered to be very rare in present days. Currently, Dublinn has been harassing counties of southern Victoria where secession from the country remains strong.[2]

As a revolutionary organization, Dublinn is completely well-armed. They get weapons from all around the world from Columbia to a knightclub in Kazimierz. They also know some ancient tactics used by the Minoans and the extinct Gauls. Their abundant equipment and well training are the result of secret sponsors from some nobilities of Victoria, especially the Unicorns.[3]

Because of its mysterious past as well as its hidden identity, Dublinn is given the nickname the "spectre force."


The Dublinn army is made up of the following:

Elite icon.png Elite

Most Dublinn units notably wear an Arts-refracting mask which makes them highly resistant to Arts damage and can be disabled by silencing the Dublinn unit in question.

Notable members

Formerly or temporarily affiliated with Dublinn
  • The Leader of Dublinn.png
    "The Leader": Reed's unnamed elder sister and the enigmatic leader of Dublinn, known for her unnatural purple flame.
  • "The Six Criminals": A band of six Dublinn elite commanders known for their atrocious actions in the past before their death by Outcast's judgment.[4]
    • "The Accountant": An accountant who reaped the monetary profits over conflicts involving Dublinn, heedless to the death and destruction they caused.
    • "The Bandit": A thief that steals anything he could stole from his victims, be it valuables or even their dignity.
    • "The Convict": A career criminal who has been jailed multiple times.
    • "The Elocutionist": A spin doctor who uses deceptive, misleading words to turn people against each other, contrary to his nickname's meaning, "clear and expressive speech."
    • "The Immolator": An arsonist with extreme pyromania who sets everything he could reach into flames.
    • "The Toxicologist": A corrupt biochemist who uses his knowledge of toxins to harm others, one of which includes a lethal "truth serum" used on an unfortunate Dublinn soldier spotting Outcast taking Reed with her.

Of the characters above:

  • Reed defects to Rhodes Island after her rescue by Outcast following the Hillock incident.
  • Mandragora is severely injured after losing her fight against Manfred until Misery rescued her.