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Elemental Damage is a gameplay mechanic in Arknights.


Certain enemies are capable of inflicting Elemental Damage "build-up" to friendlies through various methods. Should a friendly unit's Elemental Damage build-up reaches a certain threshold, the unit will receive various negative effects depending on the type of the Elemental Damage inflicted. When a unit's Elemental Damage build-up reaches maximum, it will deplete itself over 10 seconds during which the unit will not receive any further Elemental Damage build-up.

Wandering Medics remove Elemental Damage build-up as they heal friendly units, which they will do even on those with full HP.


Elemental Damage Effect
Nervous Impairment.png Nervous Impairment Introduced in Under Tides, Nervous Impairment causes the victim to receive heavy Pure damage and are temporarily stunned when it procs.
Corrosion Damage.png Corrosion Damage Introduced in Dossoles Holiday, Nervous Impairment causes the victim to receive heavy Physical damage and have their DEF permanently reduced (which can stack indefinitely) when it procs.
Burn damage.png Burn Damage Introduced in Episode 09, Burn Damage causes the victim to receive heavy Arts damage and have their RES temporarily reduced when it procs.


  • The way Elemental Damages work is similar to status ailments in "Souls-like" games (Dark Souls series, Bloodborne, Sekiro: Shadows Die Twice, and Elden Ring).
  • There exists in the current Chinese version an as of yet unused "flag" — a trait that can be applied to a unit in code — giving the recipient immunity to Elemental Damage, making them unable to receive any. The flag is called "ELEMENT_FREE_ALL" in the code.