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This article is a list of limited-time events, or simply events, in Arknights.

The event's types are denoted by the following color used as a background for their titles:

  • Blue for major events; reruns are in Teal instead
  • Green for Vignettes
  • Magenta for Contingency Contract seasons
  • Violet for commemoration events
  • Orange for login events
  • Hot pink for special events



Event Release date
EN Dossoles Holiday banner.png
Global/EN: January 14, 2022 ~ February 4, 2022
CN: August 3, 2021 ~ August 17, 2021





Major events feature their own operations and stories/interludes, and are distinct in that they tend to feature much more robust event stores, and introduce new "tilesets" with some exceptions (notably Operation Originium Dust and A Walk in the Dust which reuses the "Sargon Desert" tileset due to being set in the eponymous region) as well as new enemies and mechanics. The stories/interludes of major events are always unlocked in sequence, and is tied to the operations themselves; the major event's plot are usually contained within the main operations, though some are also included in the extra operations.

All major events will receive a rerun (known in the CN server as retrospection) at a later date following the event's release.

As of A Walk in the Dust, major events are grouped into Intermezzi and Side Stories, and their operations become available to play permanently after release, with some restrictions (see Event operations § Major).


Vignette events,[1] colloquially referred to as omnibus events by the CN and JP communities, are distinct by the fact that the event currency is acquired from all operations except those that do not cost Sanity.png Sanity and Annihilation. Vignettes reuse previously introduced content on their operations and do not add new content into the mix.

The other main feature of Vignettes, which give them the name, is the nature of their story content. Instead of unlocking a story related to the operations in sequence, Vignettes feature a menu with several interludes that can be unlocked in any order at the cost of one Information Fragment.png Information Fragment. The only medal given out by these events is for unlocking these interludes.

Vignettes have yet to be rerun, and it is likely that they will not be. However, as seen with Operational Intelligence, everything specific to the Vignette except the operations will be included to the Record Restore system. It is yet unknown how this will affect other Vignettes, such as those that have an outfit as their main reward instead of an Operator.


Commemorative events are released to celebrate the release of Main Theme episodes or other important dates. Commemorative events usually grants access to all Supply operations, like that of Contingency Contract, and often includes login events. They also give all operations that costs Sanity with the exception to Annihilation a special drop in form of Emergency Sanity Sampler.png Emergency Sanity Sampler or a box that contains various upgrade materials. The specific mechanics of commemorative events are subject to change on a per-event basis.

Three types of commemorative events always include a limited headhunting banner:

  • Celebration, which commemorates the yearly anniversaries of Arknights.
  • Festival, which commemorates the half-year anniversaries of Arknights.
    • In the CN server, Festival events are released to commemorate Chinese New Years. The Global/EN server instead rebranded CNY events into "Festival" (initially "Half Year Anniversary") due to the release date of Arknights Global/EN being too close to CNY and to maintain a consistent order of events' release.
  • Summer, which commemorates the yearly Summer in the CN server and first introduced with Heart of Surging Flame, but formalized with Dossoles Holiday. As with Festival events, the Global/EN server will likely rebrand Summer events into something else, which is yet to be known.

Contingency Contract

The Contingency Contract seasons are Arknights' endgame content. They are the most difficult content in Arknights, and designed for veteran players. Contingency Contract events follow their own rules detailed in its own article, and all Supply and Chip stages are open every day of the week while they are running.


These events can be run during or separate from any other event, as they are "non-intrusive." The systems of login events differ from one another, but they are usually defined by giving out rewards for logging in several days in a row, or add temporary additional rewards to daily and weekly missions. The rewards for these events are typically simple materials and an outfit.


Simply said, a crossover event is the one in which Arknights will make a special collaboration with other franchises/organizations. The following list shows the franchises/organizations Arknights has collaborated with so far:

The following collaboration is the other way round where the particular franchise/organization collabs with Arknights:


These events, such as the roguelike mode Integrated Strategies and the cooperative mode Multivariate Cooperation are unique special events tend to be run alongside major events. They are new game modes and content types that do not follow the typical Arknights event formula, and work with their own rules. These, similar to Contingency Contract, do not cost Sanity (as they are run alongside events that do).

The only exception to this rule is the yet upcoming Interlocking Competition, which does feature stages that cost Sanity, and was run separately from any other event, but does not fall within the purview of typical Arknights events.


  1. Operational Intelligence's event banner in the Global/EN server states that the said event is part of the "Vignette series."