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This article is a list of limited-time events, or simply events, in Arknights. Most events further expands the lore of Arknights, often covering subjects that are not elaborated in the Main Theme.

The event's types are denoted by the following color used as a background for their titles:

  • Blue for major events; reruns are in Teal instead
  • Green for Vignettes
  • Magenta for Contingency Contract seasons
  • Violet for commemoration events
  • Orange for login events
  • Hot pink for special events



Event Release date
EN Break the Ice banner.png
CN: December 21, 2021 ~ January 4, 2022
Global: June 30, 2022 ~ July 14, 2022
CN Phantom and Crimson Solitaire banner.png
CN: January 5, 2022
Global (estimated): Early July 2022

From Phantom and Crimson Solitaire, Integrated Strategies become a permanent game mode with new seasons every six months.