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The Event Crystal is a "currency" in Arknights.


A topological model of aggregated information. Can be used to rebuild past events.

An auxiliary function of Rhodes Island's intelligence processing system. After extracting effective intelligence from a mass of information, the system is able to recreate images of past events. Information extracted through crystallization is typically of greater importance.
Its synthesis into optical disc form is simply for easier understanding by the layperson.


Another representation of valuable intelligence data collected by Rhodes Island's SIGINT and HUMINT efforts, these crystalline optical discs are used to unlock all operations of a past Intermezzo or Side Story event in the Terminal if the player didn't participate in the said event(s), costing one Event Crystal per event. Once unlocked, the event's operations will always be available at the Terminal.


One Event Crystal is generated every week (every Monday 04:00 UTC-7), but the player can only have no more than two Event Crystals at a time.


  • Along with Drill Plans, even though Event Crystals have their own item artwork and description as shown at the top of this page, it is not possible to actually view them in-game.

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