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The Expedited Plan is a recruitment item in Arknights.


An expedited permit issued by the Human Resource Department of Rhodes Island. Can be used to recruit an Operator through special channels.

Anyone who receives this permit, please report to the Rhodes Island Human Resource Department immediately!


Issued by Rhodes Island's HR branch, this special permit allows the player to instantly complete the recruitment of an Operator.

There is no penalty for using the Expedited Plan; the result will be identical to a recruitment that was not instantly completed, meaning selected tags can still be crossed out except in certain conditions.


  • Up to 41 Expedited Plans are available in the Distinctions Store for a total of 120 Distinction Certificate icon.png, with the stock reset every month.
  • One Expedited Plan is sometimes available at the Credit Store for the base price of 160 Credit icon.png.
  • One Expedited Plan is awarded for completing daily missions in Monday to Friday (for a total of 5 Expedited Plans per week).
  • Up to 25 Expedited Plans are included in Enhancement Packs.