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Wife of Lungmen leader Wei Yenwu. Originally a princess of the Far East, she moved with Wei to Lungmen. Appears dainty and weak, but she is actually skilled in the use of Originium powers and has tremendous political acumen. She acts sweet and delicate but is actually quite a visionary.
She is her husband's most steadfast supporter.
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Fumizuki is an NPC in Arknights. She plays a supporting role in the Shatter of a Vision arc of the Main Story and also appears in the Ancient Forge and Beyond Here side stories.


Fumizuki is a member of the Higashi royalty and the wife of Wei Yenwu, the leader of Lungmen.

Unlike her husband, Fumizuki is far less ruthless and more gentle, sometimes disagreeing with and questioning Wei's methods of governing Lungmen. She is also noted as a proficient Caster.

Fumizuki is known to have employed ShiraYuki as her bodyguard. She is also known to be a proficient biker.


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