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Furnitures are an element of Dormitories, part of the Rhodes Island Infrastructure Complex, in Arknights.

Furnitures are used to decorate the Dormitories as the player sees fit, boosting their Ambience which in turn increases the morale recovery rate of Operators resting in the Dormitory. Other than that, furnitures are primarily aesthetic, allowing the player to decorate their Dormitories to their preference and liking.

Most furnitures are purchased at the Furniture Store for either Furniture Part.png Furniture Part or Originite Prime.png Originite Prime, though it is generally not worth it to buy furnitures with the latter as Furniture Parts are relatively easy to obtain, especially during events. Some operations also have furnitures as their special drop, and certain furnitures can be obtained for free upon reaching a certain total percentage of trust with Operators from a specific faction and as rewards from certain events.

Sets and themes

Most furnitures are part of a specific set, which are further divided into themes. When all furnitures from a theme is present in a Dormitory, that Dormitory will receive an Ambience bonus. Some furniture set can even provide 5000 Ambience icon.png when completed, which is the maximum amount possible (once the Dormitory is upgraded to Level 5), so it is a good idea to save Furniture Parts to purchase such furniture sets.


There are a large number of furniture sets and categories, all of which are listed in the subpages below.

Note that the subpages only cover furnitures which had been released in the Global server.