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A list of furniture themes sorted alphabetically from N to Z.

Image Theme Ambience Acquisition
Nearls' Living Room Replica.png Nearls' Living Room Replica 5000 Ambience icon.png Maria Nearl
No.12 Life Cycle Cabin.png No.12 Life Cycle Cabin 3045 Ambience icon.png Furniture Store
Penguin Logistics Safehouse.png Penguin Logistics Safehouse 5000 Ambience icon.png Code of Brawl
Reimselar Ballroom.png Reimselar Ballroom 4500 Ambience icon.png Furniture Store (since Contingency Contract Blade)
Rhodes Island HR Office.png Rhodes Island HR Office 4500 Ambience icon.png Furniture Store (since Operation Originium Dust)
Rhodes Island Modern Music Rehearsal Room.png Rhodes Island Modern Music Rehearsal Room 5300 Ambience icon.png Heart of Surging Flame Part 2 and Rerun
Rhodes Island Workstation.png Rhodes Island Workstation 4800 Ambience icon.png Episode 6: Partial Necrosis (Furniture Store)
Sami Countryside Villa.png Sami Countryside Villa 3570 Ambience icon.png Furniture Store (since Code of Brawl)
Sarkaz Mercenary Lounge.png Sarkaz Mercenary Lounge 5000 Ambience icon.png 1st Anniversary Celebration (Furniture Store)
Secret Occult Society.png Secret Occult Society 4800 Ambience icon.png Halloween Sign-In Event (Furniture Store)
Seven Cities-style Restaurant.png Seven Cities-style Restaurant 5000 Ambience icon.png Darknights Memoir
Side Line Simple Black-and-white Furniture.png Side Line/Simple Black-and-white Furniture 2035 Ambience icon.png Furniture Store
Side Line Simple Orange Furniture.png Side Line/Simple Orange Furniture 2035 Ambience icon.png Furniture Store
Siesta Beach Hut.png Siesta Beach Hut 4800 Ambience icon.png Heart of Surging Flame Part 2 and Rerun (Furniture Store)
Special Equipment Exhibition Room.png Special Equipment Exhibition Room 5000 Ambience icon.png Operation Originium Dust
Tribal Inn.png Tribal Inn 5000 Ambience icon.png Gavial the Great Chief Returns
Tan-Ch'ing Court.png Tan-Ch'ing Court 5000 Ambience icon.png Who is Real
The Photography Hobbyist's Studio.png The Photography Hobbyist's Studio 5000 Ambience icon.png Lucky Drop (since Hymnoi Wisdom)
The Zen Garden.png The Zen Garden 4800 Ambience icon.png Beyond Here (Furniture Store)
Ursus Student Clubroom.png Ursus Student Clubroom 4800 Ambience icon.png Children of Ursus (Furniture Store)
Walter Interior Sensations.png Walter Interior Sensations 4500 Ambience icon.png Lucky Drop (since Operation Originium Dust)
Warehouse.png Warehouse 750 Ambience icon.png Default theme of Dormitories
White Horizons.png White Horizons 4500 Ambience icon.png Furnitore Store (since Hymnoi Wisdom)
Yen Reception Hall.png Yen Reception Hall 5000 Ambience icon.png Rewinding Breeze (Furniture Store)