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Hai Mao (海猫 or 海猫络合物), known by the Global community of Arknights as Lowlight (taken from his Pixiv username, lowlight kirilenko) and also known as UmiNeko, is the founder of Hypergryph, currently serving as its Vice President and the Head Producer of Arknights.

He is credited as the illustrator of 12F in addition to creating concept arts that would become the basis of the Doctor, Kal'tsit and W.


Born Zhong Qixiang (钟祺翔) at Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, Hai Mao graduated from China Academy of Art. During his college days, Hai Mao was actively involved in various doujin circles and primarily made those related to Touhou Project, in which he was an ardent fan of. He also loves doujins made by other artists who later became part of Hypergryph, notably Huanxiang Heitu and NoriZC. It was during this period that Hai Mao befriended Yuzhong (羽中) who would later found MICA Team (now Sunborn) of the Girls' Frontline fame where Hai Mao himself would be part of.

While working for MICA Team/Sunborn, Hai Mao was notably responsible for the artworks of T-Dolls who were part of the Anti-Rain Team (M4 SOPMOD II, M16A1, M4A1 and RO635). At some point, Hai Mao also began to create concept arts for characters which he originally wanted to be added into GFL that would become the basis for the Doctor, Kal'tsit and W.

In 2017, Hai Mao left MICA/Sunborn and ended his friendship with Yuzhong. Publicly, the reasons remains unknown, but the Chinese community of GFL speculates that both have conflicting views in regards to the game's thematic and creative subjects, especially since the deaths of certain characters in GFL's story. Hai Mao and some of his remaining friends then went on to found Hypergryph and developed Arknights, whom some Chinese players believed as "what GFL could have been."

Despite his popularity both inside and outside China, especially after Arknights' global release in 2020 for the latter, Hai Mao rarely makes direct public appearances and prefers to keep a low profile about his life. Even then, he is constantly active in various fandom activities such the 2020 New Year fandom gala on Bilibili and the first official offline event Terra Discovery Society.[1]

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