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Headhunting is one of the two methods for players to obtain Operators in Arknights, aside from recruitment. It forms the basis of the game's "gacha" system.


Each headhunting pull costs 600 Orundum icon.png or one Headhunting Permit.png Headhunting Permit. Alternatively, the player can also perform ten consecutive pulls for 6000 Orundum icon.png or one Ten-roll Headhunting Permit.png Ten-roll Headhunting Permit.

The rate at which Operators of a specific rarity appears in a headhunting pull are as follows, with 1★ and 2★ ones excluded as they can only be obtained through recruitment:

Pity systems

Arknights features two "pity systems" to ensure that high-rarity Operators are accessible for everyone, even the unluckiest player:

  • A 6★ or 5★ Operator is guaranteed to appear in any of the first ten pulls on a headhunting banner.
    • In other words, if a 6★ or 5★ Operator does not appear the first nine pulls, then one will appear in the tenth pull.
  • If a 6★ Operator does not appear after 50 pulls, each subsequent pull will increase the 6★ Operators' rate by 2%, up to 100%.
    • As such, the 6★ Operator rate will be 4% at the 51st pull, 6% at the 52nd pull, 10% at the 54th pull, 20% at the 59th pull, 50% at the 74th pull, etc.
      • Thus, a 6★ Operator is guaranteed to appear at the 99th pull.
    • The pull count and increased rate will be reset as soon as a 6★ Operator appears on any pull, and is carried over across different headhunting banners with the exception to limited ones.


From the Cremation Last Wish limited banner onwards, an additional pity system named "Spark" is implemented for limited headhunting banners.

In this system, each pull made on the limited banner awards 1 Headhunting Data Contract that can be used to buy the rate-up 6★ and 5★ Operator(s) for 300 Headhunting Data Contract icon.png and 75 Headhunting Data Contract icon.png, respectively. This effectively ensures that the player can have the limited Operator if they were unable to pull the Operator after at least 300 pulls.

Once the limited banner ends, each Headhunting Data Contract will be converted into Headhunting Parametric Model.png Headhunting Parametric Model that can be used to buy T1 to T4 upgrade materials at the Certificate Store.


  • It is not recommended to "re-roll" as all 6★ Operators in the Newbie Pool are good for most situations and worth using. In addition, the generous gacha rates and the pity systems in Arknights makes it very likely for the player to amass a collection of high-rarity Operators over time.
    • Do not be disappointed if 6★ Operators are not appearing as expected! The pity system, as stated above, ensures that one will eventually get them, so feel free to keep pulling as long as one has enough Orundum and/or Headhunting Permit(s).
    • Arknights' gacha rates, as stated above, are a marked improvement from most other gacha-based games, which have a much lower rate for high-rarity items.
  • Before pulling for a specific Operator, know what the said Operator does and if they seem interesting to the player. It is not a good idea to waste Orundum on an Operator that will not be used.
  • For new players, it is highly recommended to pull from the Newbie Pool banner before other banners due to the discounted price and guaranteed 6★ and 5★ Operator on the first ten pulls.
  • If a banner seems interesting but not worth mass-pulling on, just go for the guaranteed 5★/6★ in the first ten pulls.
    • Unless if the player is aiming for the rate-up Operator(s) and for limited banners, it is inadvisable to pull past the guaranteed ten.
    • Do not be tempted to do ten pulls at once while still at the guaranteed ten. Instead, try to do one pull at a time; the player might get the guaranteed 5★/6★ Operator before the 10th pull, which allows the player to save their Orundum and/or Headhunting Permits for future banners if it does.