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A list of headhunting banners in Arknights.

Limited Operators as part of the Celebration/Festival/Crossover banners are denoted by a red name; Operators available in the Store as part of the Standard Pool banners are highlighted by an underlined name.


Banner Rate-Up Date
Standard Pool 50 (Global/EN)
EN Standard Pool 50 banner.png
November 26, 2021 ~ December 10, 2021

Newbie Pool

Newbie Pool banner.png

The Newbie Pool banner is always available and has a discounted price of only 380 Orundum icon.png per pull instead of 600 Orundum icon.png, but are limited to 20 pulls for each account; once this limit is reached, the banner can no longer be accessed from the Headhunting menu.

A 6★ and 5★ Operator is guaranteed to appear in the first ten pulls and any of the twenty pulls within the Newbie Pool banner, respectively, which makes it the best choice for new players.

The following are the Newbie Pool banner's rate-up Operators:


Banner Rate-Up Date
Revolution Symphony
EN Revolution Symphony banner.png
CN: June 1, 2021 ~ June 15, 2021
Global/EN: December 9, 2021 ~ December 23, 2021
Standard Pool 51 (Global/EN) December 10, 2021 ~ December 24, 20211
1To be confirmed



All Operators introduced on a headhunting banner will be available from all future banners after the one they were introduced in ends, with the exception to the following who are only available in specific limited headhunting banners:

Chinese New Year (CN)
Festival (Global/EN) (TW)
Anniversary (CN)
Celebration (Global/EN)
  • Rosmontis is added to the Anniversary limited headhunting banners on the CN server from Path to Radiance in October 2021. Due to the Global/EN server's different schedule, whether she would be added to Celebration limited banners the same way as CN is yet to be confirmed.
  • Nearl the Radiant Knight will be added to CN's Anniversary limited banners in October 2022.
  • Due to Global/EN's different schedule, Summer limited Operators are highly likely to be rebranded into something else, which is yet to be known.


Each banner have specific rate-up Operators who are more likely to appear than others.

  • When a 6★ or 5★ Operator appears in a pull, there is a 50% chance that the said Operator will be the rate-up one(s).
  • When a 4★ Operator appears in a pull, there is a 20% chance that the said Operator will be the rate-up one(s).


  • For limited banners, the pull count and increased 6★ Operator rate for the pity system from other banners are not carried over to the said banner, which tracks the pull count and increased rate separately from other banners (including other limited banners). To compensate this, the rate-up 6★ Operator(s) have a 70% chance to be the 6★ Operator that appears in a pull; this does not necessarily improve the chance of obtaining the limited Operator since it also applies to the non-limited 6★ Operator, effectively giving each rate-up 6★ Operator a 35% chance to appear in a pull.
    • For the limited banners after the one they were introduced on, all limited Operators of the corresponding limited headhunting banner's category have a 30% chance to be the 6★ Operator that appears in a pull (i.e. five times as likely to appear than other 6★ Operators).
    • For crossover limited banners, the rate-up 6★ Operator have a 50% chance to be the 6★ Operator that appears in a pull as in regular banners, but they are guaranteed to appear in any of the first 120 pulls within the said banner (i.e. if the rate-up 6★ Operator do not appear the first 119 pulls, then they will appear in the 120th pull).
      • If either of the rate-up 5★ Operators appear in a pull within the crossover limited banners, the next (and only the next) 5★ Operator that appears are guaranteed to be the other rate-up 5★ Operator.
  • For the Joint Operation banners, the 6★ and 5★ Operators that appear in a pull will always be the rate-up ones.


Two Operators from the current Standard Pool banner, one 6★ (the one with the base artwork) and one 5★ (the one in the middle of the 5★ Operators), are available for purchase at the Distinctions Store for 180 Distinction Certificate icon.png and 45 Distinction Certificate icon.png, respectively.

It is recommended to save Distinction Certificates to buy the 6★ Operator that the player may deem useful, should they are available in the Store.