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Higashi, also known as the Far East or simply East, is a Terran country located on the northeast of Yan to which it is a vassal. This subjugation is maintained through the annual payment of tributes to Yan by Higashi. Both countries enjoy strong diplomatic relations and cultural exchange with each other. Higashi is a diarchy led by the shoguns of two ruling samurai clans: the Kougon (光厳) and the Mitsumoto (光元).

Higashi is the homeland of most Oni, although a large number of Aegir also hail from this land.


In the past, Higashi was ruled by a particularly influential samurai clan. Upon the death of said clan's shogun, however, a civil war broke out among the eight families that made up the clan which ultimately split the land into the Northern and Southern Courts ruled by the Kougon and Mitsumoto clans respectively.[1]

During the Bloodpeak Campaign, Ursus invaded Higashi which forced the Kougon and Mitsumoto clans to form an uneasy alliance to expel the invaders. The retaliation was a successful one that even Higashi even managed to invade Ursus, leading to the decline of the empire.[2] The conflict between both clans resumed after Ursus was driven out and lasted for another twenty years.[3] Eventually, both sides grew weary and ended up making a truce that would unite Higashi under the clans' joint rule. In the era of peace, the North has turned into a military base ruled by stubborn conservatives while the South focuses more on commercial economy and trading.[1] However, loyalties between members of both clans are notoriously fickle and defections to both sides are a common sight.[3]

In modern era, Higashi's youths develop a vibrant culture where various video games, manga and anime enjoy widespread popularity across the country and elsewhere around Terra. Most of these are derived from the (actually real) Higashian urban legends and mythologies.[4]

Recently, many Higashian Aegirs who settle along the coastline suddenly disappear, which might possibly be corrupted by the Seaborns like those in Iberia.[5]

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  • Shin-Aki (新安芸): A city that was rebuilt after being wrecked by a devastating Catastrophe. It is known for its ancient horror stories surrounding the mysterious Saeki (佐伯) district, which later inspired the video game Nukenin.[4]