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This article lists UI additions that have first appeared on the CN server, and are now available on the Global server as well, as well as prior iterations of UI features. For future changes that are not yet on the Global server, visit Upcoming UI changes.

Combat menu

The Terminal was preceded by the Combat menu. It has also received an update making current events more prominent in the UI. See main article Terminal.

Skill names in Operator profiles


This UI feature is a peculiar case, as it is an update that the Global server had received, and that was eventually removed. This does not concern the CN server, and presumably does not concern JP/KR, who also have fairly compact alphabets.

Angelina's skill name problem.

In the CN server, the Operator card displays the names of skills directly under the skills, while players of the EN server have to click the skills to open the Skills menu and see their names. The EN server was changed to work similarly, however, this change was reverted. This removal is likely due to the extremely lengthy size of the same names in English, and increase in character count which led to many of the skills to overflow from their UI constraints. A particularly notable example of this was Angelina.

Previous support unit system

See main article Support Unit.

Updated character profiles

With the addition of the subclass system and the module system, the Operator profiles have been adjusted accordingly.


The Operator profile as it previously appeared.


The updated Operator profile, for an operator that possesses no module.


The updated Operator profile, for an Operator that has a module equipped.


The new interface for viewing an Operator's talent, with a module equipped.

Module selector.jpg

The module selection interface.

Record Restoration


With the release of Contingency Contract Wild Scales, the Record Restoration system was added for events, allowing the acquisition of rewards of past events after their initial run and rerun. The Record Restoration system is a progressive addition, and not all event records can be restored yet.

Auto-deploy UI change


The previous auto-deploy UI, with an opaque interface.

Prior to the release of Episode 9: Stormwatch, the auto-deploy interface displayed two dark horizontal rims on both top and bottom of the screen, and an opaque PRTS logo. This made it very clear that the game was in auto-deploy mode, but also practically completely obscured these two parts of the screen, which was detrimental to gameplay visibility during auto-deploys. This, likely, was due to a consideration by the developers that granular visibility during auto-deploy was unnecessary, which changed when community-made content involved sharing auto-deploy clears. As of the update, the logo's opacity has been significantly reduced, and the top and bottom bars have been removed in favor of a slightly transparent dark gradient. The scrolling text indicating current auto-deploy status has also received an update increasing its horizontal width and changing the font and font color slightly.


The new auto-deploy UI, with a clearer interface.

Enemy Intelligence minor design update


The previous Enemy Intelligence interface.

As of the release of Episode 9: Stormwatch, the Enemy Design view has received a minor redesign changing the position of a few elements around. Notably, the new iteration displays "Attack Pattern" more clearly, putting further emphasis on which type of attacks an enemy uses, whether Melee or Ranged, and physical (assumed by default) or Arts (indicated). It also removes empty, unused space, and the change in information hierarchy reduces the chances of gameplay-related text overflowing out of the screen. This update also changed boss ability text to manual scrolling instead of automatic scrolling.


Overhaul of the selected character information in combat

As part of the release of Near Light, the information that appears on-screen during an Operation when selecting an operator has received a visual overhaul, adding a new tab for the trait next to skills, and properly displaying the promotion level of an operator next to their level.


The character information as it currently appears.


The updated character information.

Updated Operator selection menu

The Near Light event also overhauled the Operator menu, adding the following new features:

  • Filtering by class is now easily accessible directly from the interface with a sidebar showing all class icons.
  • Operators can now be set as favorite Operators and will always appear at the forefront of the list.
  • Sorting by a certain statistic, such as ATK or Trust now overlays that number on top of the Operator's card. The UI for filtering this is also overhauled.
  • The UI when an Operator is selected to be added in a squad has received an overhaul.

Class filtering options

Class filter 1.gif

Aside from rearranging the new filter button, the new filtering options also allows easier access to sorting their Operators based on statistics (in order, Acquisition Date, Trust, Max HP, Attack, Defense, Resistance, Redeployment Time, Block Count, and Attack Speed), ranging from the lowest to the highest. Previously, this was done through a more complex UI. The stat of interest also gets overlaid on top of the Operator card, which helps with readability of this information and circumvents the need to select an Operator.

This also includes Trust, and appears when selecting Operators to be added as RIIC Assistants in the Command Center.

Preferred Operators


The update also added the option to pin some preferred operators to appear at the top of the list regardless of sorting options.

Squad Operator selection


The UI for selecting an Operator to be added in the Squad as it appeared in the EN server prior to Near Light.


The updated UI for selecting an Operator as of the release of Near Light. The text displaying statistics has been reduced into icons, the button to level up the Operator/access their profile has been redesigned, some elements have been moved around, and the UI now displays an icon for the subclass and modules equipped if there are any. The skills section now has a tabber allowing one to see the talents and traits.

Main menu background change

Main menu background change.gif

The Near Light event added the possibility of changing the background art (not the Assistant operator, the art that appears behind them) to several unlockable backgrounds. This also changes the background music to a track that is tied to the background art.

Main menu background selection.gif

To unlock those backgrounds, players must first accomplish several missions. For example, one must finish stage 9-19 in Episode 09 with a rating of three stars to unlock Cloudy. The background music that accompanies it will be unlocked together.

There will be more backgrounds added with further events. For instance, three new backgrounds are to be added along with Stultifera Navis.

Background name Unlock condition Music Event
Vision Available by default Lifeflow Near Light
Nighttime Available by default Vigilo Near Light
Cloudy Clear stage 9-19 Ghost Hunter Near Light
Vacation Clear the first area of any 3 events that have entered [Intermezzi] or [Side Story] Ready? Near Light
Business Clear the first area of any 6 events that have entered [Intermezzi] or [Side Story] City Near Light
Winter Clear the first area of any 9 events that have entered [Intermezzi] or [Side Story] Loneliness Near Light