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Arknights 1st Anniversary Special Animation - Holy Knight Light

Holy Knight Light is a short original video animation (OVA) of Arknights made by Yostar Pictures to commemorate the first anniversary of Arknights' Global server. It is first shown at the end of Arknights JP first anniversary livestream.


Through Hoshiguma, Ch'en contracted the Penguin Logistics to deliver a certain package to Rhodes Island, who are performing security roles in Lungmen's suburbs, before 00:00 AM. As Emperor, attended by Texas, begrudgingly accepts the job and leaves, Hoshiguma points out that the P.L. run into trouble with the Siracusan Mafia recently, advising them to not let the mafiosi interfere.

As Emperor and Texas travels through Lungmen's alleys, an Ursus girl who is implied to be a survivor of the Chernobog uprising approaches them, and Emperor offers the P.L.'s help to escort her just the Mafia attacks Emperor and Texas. The two managed to lose the mafiosi after rendezvousing with Exusiai, but the Ursus girl tags along with them; Emperor reluctantly decides to take her along.

As the P.L. approaches Lungmen's suburbs, the Mafia are waiting to ambush them. Exusiai uses her meager driving skills to shake them off, but the Mafia eventually corners them. Fortunately, Croissant and Sora, along with R.I. personnel Amiya, Dobermann, Jessica, and Nearl with the Doctor watching from the sidelines appeared and dispatches the mafiosi.

Emperor hands over the package to Amiya, but she realizes that it was a bomb! ...Not really, the "bomb", which explodes just as a fireworks show begins, turns out to be a Happy New Year cake from Ch'en to R.I. and P.L.. Watching the fireworks from her office alongside Hoshiguma, Ch'en is satisfied of having to present the gift in such a way.

As the P.L. and R.I. eats the cake while watching the fireworks, the Ursus girl, whose birthday is at the very day, thanked Emperor and hugged him.


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