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Iberia, formally known as the Kingdom of Iberia (Reino de Iberia), is a Terran country. It is a theocratic kingdom located on a band of peninsulas and islands south of Laterano and Victoria with much of its cultures are influenced by the Lateranian religion. Once a bustling, serene land that managed to explore Terra's southern coastlines and almost became a superpower on land with its oceanic technologies, Iberia has been locked in a sectarian conflict for decades after a mysterious disaster, resulting in prevalent religious persecutions targeting the Aegir.


The long, forgotten memory of Iberia's past

Long ago, Iberia was a thriving maritime country known for its powerful navy, shining lighthouses along the coastlines, and its enormous oceanic nomadic cities along the waves. It enjoyed a strong relationship with the neighboring Aegir and even accepted most of the Aegir refugees, which the native Iberians called the "Islanders." In return, the Islanders, most of whom were technicians and scientists, helped significantly advancing Iberia's technology, especially with the leadership of the famed architect Breogan.[1] While the Lateranian religion is dominant among Iberians, making them more faithful than a typical Lateranian, the country appeared to be much secular in the past that was filled with passion and vitality.[2]

However, sixty years ago, in the year 1038, a mysterious disaster called "the Silence" devastated Iberia's prosperity. Started by a massive invasion of the Seaborn, the waves of Iberia's coastlines suddenly turned abnormally silent. Following this phenomenon was a giant tsunami that devoured its coastal settlements, flooded its coastlines, and destroyed many of its lighthouses. To make the matter worse, Iberia's communications to the outside world were suddenly cut off due to the Seaborn's impact, causing the Iberian naval fleet including its proud golden dreadnought, the Stultifera Navis, to lose contact with their homeland. The disaster caused Iberia to become "the first sacrifice on the coast," ending its golden age.[3]

In the chaos of the collapse following the Silence, the king and nobility of Iberia largely lost control of the country. In their stead rose the Inquisition - a religious government body that maintain policies such as tight control over the citizenry, heavy restriction on seafaring and persecutions of the local Aegir, whom the Iberians see as "heretics" that were responsible for the nation's disaster. By present day, Iberia is nothing more than a totalitarian theocracy where once glorious nomadic cities are left stranded along its coastlines and its advance naval fleets lost forever.[4] Even though the Iberian government attempted to reclaim the sea and revitalize its power, it was eventually thwarted due the increasing hatred onto the Aegir and its gloomy, oppressive environment.

Even as Iberians struggle to rebuild, further threats loomed over them. Many Iberian settlements have been harassed by the Sea Terrors. In the meantime, the Church of the Deep, a heretical Aegir cult that worships the Seaborn, has sucessfully infiltrated the nation, disguising themselves among the clergy while spread their twisted interpretation of the Lateranian religion to the Iberians, and managed to convert a sizable population of Iberia into their followers. All these cause the authority and the public alike to be increasingly paranoid, worsening the ongoing persecutions of the Aegir.



Iberia is solely ruled by its king and princes of the nations. As a theocracy, Iberia is also governed by a church that dictates the Iberians' religion. However, since the Silence, the Iberian royal family has lost much of its influence in politics as the Inquisition rises to take its place in the name of maintaining the nation's order.


The Iberian Inquisition is the current head of the Iberian government. It was previously known as the Church of Iberia, a branch of the Lateran Church in the nation, that was reorganized under the instruction of Saint Carmen and the other eight Saints and three Bishops following the Silence.[5] The Church's relationship with the Lateran Church has already been strained prior to the disaster as the Lateranian Pope is not interested in Iberia's affair. At one point, they even attempted to install their own Pope until this was foiled due to the Silence.

Instead of using the Sankta guns, the Inquisitors are often armed with two weapons: a rapier representing the nation's force and a lamp representing the nation's light and hope. These two symbolize the Iberians' self-determination. The lamp is also an Originium Arts unit that could repel the Seaborn. In addition, the Inquisitor sometimes make use of Hand cannons, which can wreak havoc in a large area but are very difficult to control.

The main job of the Inquisitors is to maintain order in Iberia while defending their cities from the Seaborn. However, not all of the populace welcome them. Some accuses the Inquisitors for neglecting them from their survival needs; others hates them for arresting the Aegir without any reasons.

Penal Battalion

The Penal Battalion is the main national defense force of Iberia. The Battalion plays many significant role, espeically acting as secret police who dismantle places that are already infiltrated by the Church of the Deep. They also have a their own navy fleet, but many of their ships are already dysfunctional due to the lost of its technology. Due to their past, the Battalion is feared by the Iberian citizens.

Notable people

  • Breogan: The famed Aegirian architect who helped build most of the Iberian technologies using the Aegirian ones, including the "Eye of Iberia" and the Stultifera Navis. However, following the Silence, he was accused by the Iberian commonfolk for bringing the disaster and was eventually killed by them out of frustration, marking him the first victim of the Aegirian persecution.
  • Old José.png
    Old José: A Liberi information broker and an acquaintance of Skadi. He had a son named Juan who was killed in an unknown incident and whose corpse was brought back to him by Skadi. He is also responsible for helping Skadi to infiltrate Sal Viento.[6]



  • Gran Faro
  • Sal Viento
  • Primavera: A city under the Church of the Deep's influence, and the setting of Gladiia's Operator Record. In there, she destroyed the Church's experiment site, prior to meeting Kal'tsit.