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Not to be confused with Visibility.
Prevents being targeted by enemy attacks if the unit is not blocking.
—In-game tip

Invisible, or Invisibility, is a buff in Arknights.


Invisible units are indicated by having their body obscured in a dark cloud of smoke, with the exception to Magallan's Soaring Dragons who are obscured by digital disruptions instead. In this state, the unit cannot be targeted by ranged attacks and are unaffected by splash damage (e.g. Splash Caster and Artilleryman Sniper attacks, Senior Casters, and Bombtails) and offensive skills/abilities, except when they are blocking or being blocked. This means that invisible enemies can be major threat as they could cause serious damage if not dealt with quickly.

Do note that invisible units can still be damaged by the following:

Certain methods can "reveal" invisible units, negating it:



Operator Skill/Talent Notes
The invisibility is applied to self for the skill's duration
Optical Refraction Accessories (talent) Applies the invisibility to the deployed Soaring Dragons for 12 or 20 (+2) seconds
Hidden Killer - Medium/Elite (talent) The invisibility is applied to self 6 or 5 seconds after the last attack


Elite icon.png Elite
Boss icon.png Boss
  • Degenbrecher is invisible while on her second phase.
  • Divers and Diver Leaders will become invisible while on tiles submerged by High Tide or Deep Water Zones.


  • Friendly units deployed on a Bush or Exhaust Grille will become invisible.
  • Enemies on tiles without visibility will become invisible.


  • Before the term "Invisible" was introduced, all enemies with this buff contained "Cannot be attacked unless blocked" in their tips.
  • While sharing a similar visual effect of a cloud of smoke, albeit lighter, Jessica's Skill-Jessica1.png Smokescreen does not make her invisible, only giving her Physical/Arts dodge.

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