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"Talulah" gives up her disguise, and stops working her tricks on Ch'en and Amiya. Amiya and Ch'en now face one of the most powerful forces of will Ursus has ever birthed. The decisive battle is upon them.
[Background 1]
Talulah? Lord of Fiends... You've done well.
Yet, I remain troubled by that baseless confidence you and that young dragon continue to show.
Amiya Are you finally giving up the guise?
Ch'en Who am I talking to now? Is it the changed Talulah, or a young Kashchey?
Talulah? Denouncing my actions, insulting my person, continuously dragging forth memories from deep within my mind——
Did you think that you could subdue me like this? Force me to surrender?
Or did you think that I would be suppressed by the dragon-slaying sword of Yan and the filthy Arts of the Sarkaz? Free for your Arts to do with this body as you wish, to regain some semblance of "purity"?
——That is the extent of your oratory skills.
Why do you stand against me?
Ch'en Your conceit only feeds your arrogance. It only means you have that much further to fall.
Talulah? However young you may be, you are still the Lord of Fiends in the end. Attempting to persuade me, convincing my inner heart, telling me there is a foreign being trying to take over this body and that I should struggle free.
Amiya Nnh...!
Talulah? Frankly, aren't you unsure as well?
If memories and emotions can be falsified, does Kashchey truly exist?
What does it mean if Kashchey doesn't actually exist?
Amiya This has nothing to do with you, Kashchey.
We want to defeat you not because of what you have experienced, but because of what you have done.
We cannot allow you to continue harming others. No matter what reasons you may have, it's just as Madam Ch'en said...
We don't care.
Regardless if you are Kashchey or Talulah.
Ch'en ...Get the hell out of my sister's body.
...I wanted to say that, but it seems to just be an excuse for you. If you do have an excuse, save it for the judge.
Amiya, get ready. Let's go!
Talulah? Have you been... mislead... by the power I'm displaying right now?
Let me repeat myself. Everyone in this city who could kill me is now dead. Besides Patriot, no one in the Chernobog core city could have done it.
FrostNova, the frosty nightmare of the tundra died at Lungmen, just as I planned.
Even if you use these two swords... you don't hold a candle to them.
I've given you the wrong impression.
If this body was not willing, I would not be able to accomplish anything.
But now, what exactly is this body of mine restraining? I do not understand.
I shall liberate it, just as I once liberated all destruction.
The Draco reaches for the longsword. Her fingers brush across the blade's edge, leaving a trail of blood painted across it.
She laughs.
Ch'en tries to speak, yet her body refuses. Something is flowing around her neck.
Amiya gestures towards her, an image appearing within her mind. Ch'en realizes that they are indeed caught within Talulah's Arts.
Should Ch'en open her mouth to speak, the heat around her mouth would rapidly increase, burrowing into her esophagus and incinerating her from within.
Amiya turns to glare at Talulah, but it's too late. The Arts have already taken effect. The Draco's voice reverberates within the roiling heat, but Amiya and Ch'en are forced to remain silent.
Ch'en feels as if her lungs are riddled with holes, her breath labored and tortured.
The Draco's Arts seem to deliberately differentiate between volitional expressions and involuntary movements. It seems to Ch'en then even Talulah cannot force her Arts to work on all concepts.
That's why Talulah chose their mouths. The red dragon simply wishes for the two to stay silent.
Ch'en grits her teeth.
The temperature is still rising. As time passes, it will inevitably reach its climax, and the two will die. After all, they cannot cut apart the blistering air that surrounds their bodies.
Talulah? Countless lives vanish before me, and I grieve for them. Yet, I can only continue moving forward. Because I know. The glorious nation I serve demands fresh blood. It wishes for death. It calls for humility.
It disappeared, then emerged once more; It disintegrated, then was rebuilt; It died a sudden death, then was resurrected.
"I journey across the plains of salt, the bleeding mountain valleys, and not once was I harmed."
"For his sword, his territory, his subjects, they grant me protection."
[Background 2]
Wei Yenwu unleashes an Arts attack resembling that of Chi Xiao's at the Rat King, though he purposely missed the Zalak.
Rat King *Cough*, *cough*... To think you could use the sword techniques of Chi Xiao through your fingers alone. Do you not even need to wield the actual sword anymore?
Wei Yenwu You're getting older, you coot. So old that you've forgotten what is it you should be doing, before you even think of stopping me.
Your Arts may be outstanding, but your multitude of worries causes you to make mistakes.
Why do you stand against me? Are you thinking of giving up your life to delay me? Why?
Don't do anything you'll regret!
Rat King Are you lacking in things you regret doing, Wei Yenwu?
Wei Yenwu Would you like for Ch'en Hui-chieh to commit sororicide? For Kashchey to do as he wants?!
Rat King Our time is over, Wei Yenwu!
Wei Yenwu You're saying that they should not repeat our mistakes? I have never thought otherwise.
Rat King You raised her, fortified this city, watched as people lived and died. She's already gone, why do you force more onto her?
Wei Yenwu You think a group of Infected and a young officer can do it?
Rat King I think things will only get worse if you go.
Wei Yenwu Kojui, have I ever hesitated to kill?
Rat King Lots of times.
Wei Yenwu ...You...
How long do you plan to get in my way?
Rat King Until I'm cold in the ground—
—Or until the core city stops.
Whether the Shadow Guard stops it, or Ursus, Hui-chieh or the Infected.
But before it stops, you're not taking a single step forward.
Wei Yenwu Lin Kojui! Do not challenge me!
Rat King ...Try me, Wei Yenwu! If you want me to let you die like Master Edward did, you'd better send me off first!
Wei Yenwu You!
[Background 3]
Shieldguard They're everywhere!
Hold the line! Forward! Forward! Push them out! Chase them out!
Feline, how much longer can you hold on?
Rosmontis ......
Either we win and the battle ends, or I die.
I won't let them capture Amiya or interfere with her fight.
Even if Talulah dies, these people will not go away. How much more time does your squad need to maneuver?
Shieldguard Are you talking about all the guerrillas and the Infected Patriot brought?
Rosmontis Yes.
Shieldguard At least another hour.
Rosmontis Then we will live for another hour.
I'll go with you. Move!
Shieldguard Great! That's great, Feline!
Guerrillas... No, warriors of Buldrokkas'tee, the oppressed! Onwards! March onwards!
Rosmontis March onwards!
[Background 1]
Talulah? Who do you think are the two sides of this battle?
You think they are the Infected and non-Infected. You think that it is justice and injustice.
Wrong. That's all wrong.
This is the reason you cannot defeat me.
One side is simply doing as they wish for their own goals, acting on emotion alone... Weak-willed fools who do not even understand the meaning of war.
Whereas the other side is those suffering in Ursus... The people who live in pain under the discrimination of others.
You don't care? You don't have the right to care. How could you possibly fathom the love we have towards our land?
I love them, those warriors who fight for this country, those passionate people who willingly spill their own blood upon the battlefield... No matter who they see as an enemy, I love them all!
They entrust their lives to their faith. It's fine even if they go against Ursus in a moment of prejudice and shortsightedness.
Because, this land will forever love them.
Those dignitaries whose brains are full of shit, who mock the sacrifices and victims among the common folk... I love them too.
My love towards them will not falter just because of their actions! Because love is alike, it is equal, it is normal.
Those uninfected who fight for the Infected, those Infected who refuse to give up——I love them all!
The way they pursue life is thousands of times better than the trash who waste their lives away meaninglessly!
But I love all the people of Ursus. Whether strong or weak, benevolent or tyrannical, altruistic or greedy.
To Ursus, all lives are equal. We are all grains of sand in Ursus.
Some people deserve a better life from birth! But they cannot and will not choose so.
Because fate is blind. They must undergo these unreasonable hardships, so that they may grow stronger and mature.
Some people must be punished.
But they cannot, for their lives are still important. They will push forward the great river of time, where things will move and plans implemented, until the time when they are drowned and greatness is newly cast.
I love them all.
Not because of origin, not because of deeds, not because of identity, not because of personality.
I love everyone on this land.
It has been so for a thousand years.
Ch'en !
Amiya ——!
The Deathless Black Snake.
The Deathless Black Snake!
The "Talulah" speaking before Amiya and Ch'en is confirmed to be Kashchey, the Deathless Black Snake himself, as the fires burn intensely.
"Deathless Black Snake" Amiya, oh Amiya. Do you know why you are so shortsighted, why you are so weak?
Because you only stand in your own two shoes. Do you know how narrow your vision is? How much misfortune have you ever seen?
You've only seen some unremarkable scenes through the eyes of the Lord of Fiends, yet you presume to act as if you have personally experienced it...
I've experienced far more tragedy than you ever have.
You are constrained by your identity as an orphaned Infected, whereas I am the observer of the entirety of Ursus.
I live to save the vast land and crying people you cannot see. What about you?
You are but fools, blind and deaf, despairing over the littlest of things, proclaiming yourself saviors.
Could you ever imagine what has taken place across this world? You cannot.
The language, history and memories you see are all just short excerpts of self-glorification. You cannot see the scars carved onto the living by fate itself.
Scars can kill. The scars of millions of my Ursus kin are etched onto my body.
Ch'en Hui-chieh. You are my sister in blood and flesh. You stand here against me and view Ursus as your enemy, all because you think it is invading your homeland.
If you cannot even defeat your own sister, do you believe for a second that you will prevail against the entirety of Ursus?
What's more, whether or not Ursus will be dragged into this war, and whatever the result of the war may be, matters not to me.
All I want is for this land to free itself from the impasse and dissonance it finds itself in. After this war ends, there will inevitably be a winner and a loser, whether it is the military government or a new emperor.
The previous Ursus emperor was like the incarnation of the soul of Ursus.
He did not lose himself in pleasure, and maintained a healthy distance from power despite his lofty ambitions. He could not be called the embodiment of lust, and was as far from a tyrant as could be.
However, he brought about wars, for Ursus needs wars. Ursus needs wars for its people to grow.
He was exceptional. He was worthy of being called an emperor of Ursus.
As for you, Infected.
"Why don't you bow down in front of them and wag your tails desperately like the beasts you are? You may receive their forgiveness that way."
You wish to be accepted by everyone?
Of course you can... Just accept the fodder they give you, abandon the language of people and become slaves. Hand over a quarter of your own for them to squander and slaughter.
They will see you as harmless livestock, a pet that looks disgustingly like a person yet is interesting enough to keep around. An accessory that they may grant meager protection to console their miserable pride.
You will struggle and die, yet there will always be countless new lives ready to take your place. Your kin will be reduced to such, then and forever.
——Because those fools can only feel forgiveness and satisfaction through such a method. The great systems of power are always established for the sake of you and them... the slave and the master.
No one else will treat you as fairly as Ursus and I. We know how despicable the Ursus may be, yet we have no choice but to let you live in their shadow.
If you think that is evil, then so be it. Because this evil perpetuated a mentality of pathetic salvation that spanned nations, that caused life to be so.
Until today.
I will change everything. I gave them direction.
The exceptional once-ruler of this nation brought greatness to them, yet even he could not escape the grasp of time. In the end, he could not bring salvation to the Infected.
In war, their irrational parts are sated, their non-intelligent parts are perfused, their mediocre parts become extraordinary, their indifferent thoughts become fanatic.
Those people gain a sort of nobility.
To tame and use them is an act of foolishness rather than wisdom. We do not need their allegiance, nor do we want to rule over them.
I will let them restore their lost dignity.
In the future of Ursus, the same holds true for the Infected.
I will bring about exaltation and equality, for the Infected and non-Infected, for Ursus and other nations.
Inevitably, a winner will emerge between the borderland armies and the State Council. I fan the flames of this war, so that they may decide immediately.
As time passes, life is eroded and passion is ousted. When Ursus becomes incapable of setting off the slightest spark, its lands and people will rot and become lost in the annals of history.
I will never let that happen.
I had intentionally let Reunion fall here, to be regathered in my hand and crumble once again, just so that there is a starting point to all this.
Yet, you deny all of this. You deny everything that I will do for Ursus.
How can your shortsightedness see the events a century henceforth?
How can you even begin to imagine the Infected and non-Infected united in their struggle? Why would you disrupt the peace and glory that will follow a thousand years, simply for the sake of a little suffering today?
In the end, you are too immature.
You have never experienced despair at the brink of destruction. The Infected may struggle, but they still live on. In contrast, Ursus has nearly fallen to ruin in a single night on multiple occasions.
Have you ever listened to the cavalry of Khagan galloping across the land, the sound of weapons clashing so thunderously they can level mountains and shift rivers?
Have you ever heard the shrill cries of the Kheshigs of Nightzmora as they run their scimitars across their skulls?
Have you ever experienced the ear-splitting sound of thousands of Warriors of Rus firing simultaneously, reducing the high and mighty Gauls to little more than ashes amongst the blood and mud?
You are clueless, but I don't blame you for that.
If you really wish to put your foolish thoughts into action and prevent the revival of Ursus, the reunification of the Ursus under the same banner of faith, the revitalization of the Ursus land...
Then, try and stop me. Try and stop this incarnation of Ursus.

Amiya [Kashchey... Your plot must be stopped. Right here.]
Kashchey, "The Deathless Black Snake" Why is your mental attack so unclear now? Is sealing your speech causing your emotions bottle up?
Even if you know who is in front of you, even if you know how strong the flames of a Draco are, even if you know my understanding of Arts far surpasses yours...
You still wish to defeat me. You want to exhaust my energy. You want to make this body betray me. Just based on that sword alone.
That imitation of a sword.
Ch'en [Clear Eyes]
Amiya [It's not this sword that will shatter your plans, Kashchey.]
[It's the person holding the sword.]

The "Deathless Black Snake" threatens the two with Talulah's life, knowing that the death of Talulah would not stop the war.
[Background 1]
After a grueling battle, Amiya and Ch'en managed to overpower Kashchey, the so-called Deathless Black Snake.
"Deathless Black Snake" Well done.
You've done well...
What is this? The dragonslaying sword couldn't cut me, the sword of the Lord of Fiends' couldn't pierce me, so why is... my Arts... My control is fading away?
The flames gradually die down. Even though the heat remains harsh enough to kill, it's far less brutal than several minutes ago.
Ch'en's bloodstained hands don't stop trembling. She's barely blinking.
Talulah? ......
Do you feel joy?
Is it a good feeling?
You are so close to victory, so why are your expressions so heavy?
Victory is close at hand... is it not?
Ch'en ...Ugh.
Her Arts have been dispelled... We can talk again.
Don't be rash, Amiya. We're also...
Talulah? Are you planning to banish me from this body?
Feel free.
Ch'en Who the hell are you mocking?
Talulah? O Lord of Fiends, why do you not speak?
Come and chase me out of her body. You——
You can do it, no?
Amiya ......
Talulah? What difference is there between judging her and judging me? Are these crimes not all my fault?
Lord of Fiends? Answer me.
Amiya You're not wrong, Kashchey.
If she was completely unwilling... you wouldn't have been able to do those things.
Ch'en ......
Amiya Those thoughts that belong to you... Regardless if they have been twisted, they all originated from... Talulah herself.
Go Ahead And Kill Me.png
Ch'en You!
Amiya Are you planning on harming Miss Talulah's body?!
Ch'en What are you doing?! Put that sword down!
Talulah? Have you ever seen someone cut his throat in front of you, "sister"?
Not even a Draco's body can withstand the sharpness of this sword.
I cannot do what she does not wish to do.
So, can Talulah continue to live?
Ch'en Don't even think about it!
Talulah? The despair within her heart, the unescapable shame. Are they strong enough, powerful enough that she would want to——
End it all?
Amiya Kashchey! Everything you've done to Talulah is unforgivable!
Regardless if you're just her shadow, an obstacle to her awakening, or another side of her... No matter how many wrongs Talulah has committed, you're definitely not in the right.
Talulah? I am merely "educating" her.
My failure stems from my enduring persistence. When you encounter a person without persistence, you will come to realize how much is contained within the word "suffering".
Just like how those Ursus warriors unfortunate enough to become her sacrifices are relegated to nothing more than the solid road beneath her feet.
These poor, pitiful Infected that should have exerted their value... They're all wasted now.
Even I myself am just part of the road she steps upon. If I had succeeded in killing you, "sister"... It'd be a lot simpler.
You could say that we are the Black Snake. You could also say that I am Talulah.
Ch'en Hui-chieh, oh Hui-chieh. Talulah and I are just one of the many types of father-daughter pairs.
Perhaps Wei Yenwu is similar to me.
Ch'en You have the nerve to say that?! After sacrificing your own "daughter"? He's nothing like you!
Amiya N-No... You mustn't——
Talulah? Too late, Lord of Fiends. I will not let you reveal my secrets.
Amiya Kashchey, you were planning to kill Miss Ch'en so that you could kill off Talulah once and for all!
And now, you can't do it anymore. We've aroused her memories and caused them to echo within her mind for long enough. She can no longer bear it.
Miss Talulah! Please remember... Please recall who you are!
No matter what kind of sacrifice it may be, if it was you... You would sacrifice yourself first for the sake of others, right?
Think about FrostNova, about Faust... Think about all the warriors who believe in you. Think about yourself!
Are you really just going to let us take your life like this...! You could never accept your death while having your body manipulated like this!
Even if you were to feel remorse, even if you felt sinful, you should do so as yourself... And not as the carrier of a curse, the victim of an ancient evil!
Even if you wanted to die, you should die as Talulah! Die as the Talulah who wanted to change the snowfields, the Talulah who wished to change the fate of the Infected!
Miss Talulah, I know!
I know that you weren't seeking achievement nor glory when you began fighting for the Infected... It's fine even if you failed! You did so because you believed it was the correct thing to do!
That's why, no matter what kind of people we are facing, no matter what world we face... We will always strive to move forward, never stopping until we can finally rest!
Aren't you that kind of person... Aren't the people you know all like that?
Ch'en Talulah, are you content being a puppet of this snake?
Will you let it end like this? Is this really the Talulah I know?
Are you really worthy of being called the leader of the Infected?!
[Background 1]
... I'm not worthy.
Ch'en Hng!
Amiya Could it be... Miss Talulah...!
This is definitely not the first time the white-haired Draco attempted to resist her "father".
The leader of the Infected...?
I have never been.
He has only ever taught her about his schemes. Those schemes were in fact statements of intent.
Though she knew all about it, she was never able to stop herself.
Even before the hatred she has for those things she cannot accept, she first and foremost...
Hates herself.
I've failed. I've fallen into your trap. What's worse is that it was all of my own doing.Yet, even so——!
You may not mock my kin.
What right do you have to mock those kin of mine who refused to concede to the bitter end?!
The different[sic] between me and you is that your "love"... is just sacrifice.
Mister Buldrokkas'tee, Yelena, little Eno, little Sasha, the quiet Lyudmila, the kind Alex, Alina...
What right have I to mock them?
What right have I to mock my Infected kin who're struggling to survive?
[Background black]
Talulah Enough. You can stop here. I'm no longer you, Kashchey. I'm different from you... I'm not another Black Snake.
I might be a Kashchey... But I'm definitely not another Black Snake.
Your curse must end here today.
...My hatred has killed far too many. Don't even think about using hatred to incite me any further.
Heh. Kashchey, that hatred and history you've carried with you for countless years... It will all end with me.
You may be the seed, the vines, the towering tree... It doesn't matter, Kashchey.
I am fire.
"I taught you all of this?" No, Kashchey. This world, that snowfield, those people chasing after the sunlight... You will never understand the things they taught me.
The people who could direct my power are already there. Even if you made me lose them... You can never control my emotions ever again.
My fire will burn through you and me alike.
This fire, raging from the plight of my kin, from all those who are enslaved, will burn you and your branches to a crisp.
[Background 1]
Talulah? You... you! You dare oppose me? How could you——
...Why would I ever let you escape from my fangs?
Ch'en Are you angry not because your plans have failed, but because you're not able to control her anymore?
Talulah? Control? She is me... I am her!
Ch'en Of course, Kashchey... How could a daughter of Draco be as dark as a worm like you!
Amiya M-Miss Ch'en? You mustn't let the Phidian operators hear that!
Ch'en Ah. I once had a snake boss who was incapable of telling a lie... never mind.
Kashchey, there's only one reason you failed. You're not worthy.
You're not worthy of possessing my sister's body. You're not worthy of starting a war. In fact, you're not worthy of the experience you've talked so much about.
So get the hell out of Talulah's body right now!
Talulah? Before I leave this body... Do you really think that you can stop the core city?
Amiya ——No!
Talulah? As long as I end this life here, everything will continue moving forward. How can you possibly stop Ursus——
Amiya ...Could it be she's not your...
Talulah? You're still tracing my emotions? Mongrel Lord of Fiends... Even if it's the truth, you don't have the right to speak it!
Hmph. You're not wrong, however.
There will always be another Chernobog and another conscious puppet. There will definitely be another Talulah.
I admit defeat. Go ahead and celebrate your victory to your hearts' content.
It doesn't matter... Nothing matters anymore. Remember this, Talulah.
"I will be there even at the edge of the world."
The white-haired Draco crumples to the floor.
Amiya ...Is it over?
Talulah? ......
Ch'en Don't move!
We cannot be sure if this... if this is just another trick of that old snake. I don't know if Talulah really managed to purge him from her mind, or if she's really feeling regret over her actions...
Besides, it's not over... We still have to stop this city.
??? You better gimme that thing if you wanna stop this city, bunny!
Amiya What...? W? Where did you come from...?
W The key! Hurry, before it's too late! We're all dead meat if this giant hunk of scrap doesn't stop soon!
Amiya I... I cannot trust an enemy. An enemy who's killed my Rhodes Island friends.
W How can I make you trust me then? How about this, just read my heart. Normally I'd blow the hell out of anyone who tried, but I'm willing to make an exception here.
Besides... It doesn't really matter if you don't trust me, rabbit. I don't trust you either. But I don't think Theresa's successor would make a stupid mistake at a time like this.
Amiya !
W Just hand it over. You can kill me after the city stops moving. Not that I'd just stand there and let you do it, but I'll give you a shot.
That's a special, limited-time offer! I don't go around giving out kill-me passes to just anyone!
Ch'en I can't trust a murderer either.
W Then you probably don't trust yourself, hmm?
Ch'en True enough.
Amiya W, tell me one more thing I can trust.
W Ah? You, that...
Amiya, for this land to... fall into peaceful slumber.
Amiya ......
<Flashback starts here>
[Background 4]
Amiya, to me, dreams are something far out of reach. Ahh, it's so tiring dealing with so many matters each and every day.
However, I do have a dream like that. This dream makes me think that no matter how much effort I put in here, it's all worth it.
If your mom and dad were at your side when you slept at night, would you be a lot happier?
Yes, yes. Ehh, I know we may have conflict.
You might still throw tantrums knocking over furniture or being picky over dinner. Don't give Kal'tsit a hard time, she doesn't mean it. I know, child.
Yes, no matter what, we will always feel safer when our parents are by our side.
They are like a lamp shining bright in the darkness. They will chase away the monsters hidden in dark corners, the drooling beasts prowling outside the windows.
Do you miss them more? Ah, I...
It's fine, it's fine. It's fine, Amiya. I'm here.
It will all be okay, Amiya. Your mom and dad must have thought so. No matter how many worries fill their minds, parents always think of more when looking at their children.
Sometimes, it's the only reason for us to continue living. Because... life continues after we die, for no reason other than that others live on. That is the reason that helps us to move forward.
I do not wish for children to lose their parents, nor for parents to grieve over their children.
In this world of ours, people are always having their lives taken. Inevitably, something will take away the people we love, the people that give us strength to move forward...
Sometimes, these things even happen between parent and child. Just because of a few words, a few thoughts... Their relationship fills with hate.
The blood that flows from our wounds cannot irrigate the fields. The pain that builds up year after year will never bear fruit.
Amiya, we are weak. Even if our tears fall into the earth, seeds will not sprout there.
That's why, I have a very distant dream.
I wish for the people of this world to never again cry tears of separation and loss. I don't want our night skies to be filled with broken hearts and emptiness.
Perhaps, one day... We'll be able to let everyone on this vast land fall into peaceful slumber.
Yes, everyone. Including us.
Even if that future will never come, even if this world should sink into darkness. Amiya, we live not just for a singular answer.
Right now, Rhodes Island is still trundling along its path. Everything is running as usual, even if we never reach our destination.
Good night and sweet dreams.
<Flashback ends here>
[Background 1]
W Bunny, no... Amiya!
Let me do something for the Speaker, just this once! Let me help the ones who aren't dead yet!
Just this once!
Ying Xiao Dissipates.png
The black longsword in Amiya's hand turns to dust that scatters in the wind.
Amiya I know. W, I'll trust you just this once.
...So that this land may fall into peaceful slumber.
It's up to you, W.
[Background 1]
The Cautus girl pushes a box into the Sarkaz's hands.
W ...Thank you.
Old man, I know your last wish. I'll stop this goddamned city right now...
......? Where do you input commands?
Wait, this key... what? This key is...
Command Panel (Ursine) Warning. Insufficient Clearance. This key can only be used for startup.
W What the hell does it mean "insufficient clearance"?
Amiya ...What did you say?
W Listen to me. This thing might be a key... but... it's useless. It doesn't have clearance. If even the mayor doesn't have clearance, who the hell can stop this machine?!
Amiya So, from start to end, everyone was... deceived?
But the core of a nomadic city must have an emergency brake key! Unless... unless the key has already been burnt away...
W ...No. That can't be right. Misha...?!
Amiya No. No...
[Background fades out]
Talulah Not so.
The key is with me.
[Background fades in]
Amiya Wha?!
W Dragon lady...
Oh. Huh, so are you gonna give it to me or not?
If you really have to see that evil scheme of yours through——
Talulah Catch.
Talulah threw something to W, which she catches.
W Eyy, got it.
The real you... you're pretty straightforward. I might even like you.
Talulah Glib-tongued Sarkaz...
Just press it onto the control panel, you'll know what to do.
W I know the command.
Hold on tight, Amiya. I don't know how hard this brake goes!
Let's see, what was it... Umm, (Ursine) To feed the people?
Talulah Yeah... that's it.
Ch'en Where did you get that key from?
Talulah Heh... It was hanging on the wall in the brake control room. Anyone can use it as long as you know the command. It's just nobody thought of it...
...No one thought of such a ludicrous development and cruel deception.
To divert the guerrillas, to fool the L.G.D.... These keys were just a lie to trick them.
I made use of their unfamiliarity with the larger nomadic cities. I exploited the trust Skullshatterer and Patriot had for me, even though... that was the last time they trusted me.
(Ursine) To feed the people.
[Background fades out]
The great mass of iron rumbles in protest, slowing its steps towards total destruction.
Finally, the Chernobog core city stops outside the range of Lungmen's guns.
[Background fades in]
W That wasn't as rough as I thought it would be. Good thing we stopped it in time.
...Dragon lady, I can't believe you didn't destroy the key.
Talulah ......
W Hey, you playing dumb?
Ch'en ——She didn't want to.
Kashchey must have tried every possibility at tempting her into destroying that key, but he couldn't.
Because... There must have been that little bit of conscience that he couldn't shake or erase with his Arts.
Or maybe she never considered it. Even if she thought to destroy everyone in a fit of rage, I don't think she would've ever gone through with it.
At the very least, she wanted the Infected to be able to go on living.
...Stand up.
Talulah ......
Ch'en Come on. You've disappointed everyone enough already. Stand up, Talulah!
Ch'en Encouraging Talulah.png
Ch'en Stand up, Talulah!
What is this? Didn't you say it yourself? That you understood best whether you were being genuine or not, whether your words were coming from your heart or if you were just borrowing someone else's mouth.
You said this corrupt world was your enemy. Do you understand what that means, Talulah?
No, you should know better than me!
For the Infected——No, to break down the high wall that separates the Infected and non-Infected, to put an end to the ugly murders and wicked slavery.
You who have fought alongside the Infected for so many years would have to know better than me!
You know we can't win against the world.
You don't have a ghost of a chance... They will oppress you, slander you, drown you, abandon you, deceive you!
As long as you dare to stand out, they will drag you into the filthiest places and use the foulest methods to deal with you!
You will be knocked down if you make even a single mistake, yet your enemies are endless. You choose to move forward, to oppose them, to devote your life, but your enemies are immortal.
There's only one possible ending. You will be knocked down, you will be destroyed, even if you took just a single misstep!
A single misstep would become an excuse for them to hurt you... a perfectly justifiable one.
They would pounce onto you like beasts on the scent of blood, tearing at your flesh, ripping at your tongue and eyes as they howl insults at your dignity!
But no one is perfect. You will be knocked down. You will fall to the ground.
...Even so, you cannot. You understand better than me that you cannot fall, Talulah...!
Even if they are all staring at you! Even if they are all aiming at your weak points, even if they are planning to tear away your facade.
Even if they want to drag you out to laugh and mock at, to insult you and call you an overambitious, immature fool...
You cannot fall.
...We've grown completely unrecognizable to each other in the time we spent living in different cities. The past will not return.
We both have our own undertakings.
Right now, mine is still incomplete... so is yours.
The road is still long.
Because we still have things we need to do. It will be so, until the day we are done.
You should understand better than me.
Talulah, your road is just as long.
W Wow, that was cool.
Amiya (Glares at W.)
W Hm? Eh? Fine...
[Background 1]
The officer stops speaking.
Because the warrior is moving. Slowly, she stands up.
Talulah, the Elder Sister.png
Talulah ......
When did your claws get so sharp?
Alina should've been here to see this.
Ch'en You're finally willing to talk.
——Before that, I need to arrest you.
Talulah Who will be judging me?
Ch'en For now, no one. Ursus and Lungmen... do not have the authority to judge you.
Talulah I am not yet so pitiful that I would need my sister's protection as I struggle in shame.
Ch'en That's not it, Talulah. Right now, there isn't a place in the world just and capable enough to judge you.
There isn't even a place capable of judging the Infected.
Talulah Is that your ideal?
...To build a place just good enough to judge everyone, no matter who they are, where they are from or whether or not they are Infected?
Ch'en That's not an ideal. That's my job.
Talulah ......
Long time no see.
Ch'en Long time no see, sister.
Looks like I saved you.
Talulah I won't just give up without a fight. Even now.
I don't dare to die yet.
Ch'en You can... make amends.
Talulah Nothing I can do will make up for it. In the course of a single winter, I've destroyed countless people. I am in no position to make amends.
It's just... I can't die yet.
I can't do that. It's all over if I die. If I die, that means they've won. That means the names that only I remember will die along with me.
Ch'en You will continue living?
Talulah ——
Perhaps I don't deserve to. However, I don't deserve to die here either. I don't deserve such an easy death.
——The world will never again be as it was. What's happened has happened. What hasn't happened yet will continue to happen. The falling rain will wet the earth, but the dead will not return.
...I will continue living. I will live until I have the right to die for them.
Ch'en, the Younger Sister.png
Ch'en ......
When we were young, we once played a game. Face, 3 points. Chest, 5 points. Waist, 2 points.
I don't know why Wei Yenwu taught us that game. I think it's useful, though.
Talulah It's because I was bullied by the other kids in school.
Ch'en You were protecting Beatrix. So you got beaten up badly.
Talulah You weren't the one who did it.
Ch'en I can subdue you in two moves now.
Talulah ...Just try it. You've become very competitive.
Ch'en Put the sword down. You look silly holding it.
Talulah Let's all do that, then. By the way, are you using that Chi Xiao to fulfil your dream of being an adventurer?
"Good food, great wine and amazing scenery; Pretty women, good manners and great company". Isn't it like those weird novels you used to read?
Ch'en Hey! Shut up...!
Talulah ​​Don't tell me you're still into those?
Ch'en ...I'll beat you so bad you won't be able to spill anymore.
Talulah Hmph.
Anyway, thank you.
Ch'en Thank her, not me.
You should be thanking that brave little rabbit and all the Infected who fought alongside her.
She was the one who braved your fire and flames to get all the way here. Amiya is the one who really saved you.
Talulah Before that... Let's settle things between us.
There are barely any left.
Ch'en No, Talulah. The future stretches far ahead.
[Background 1]
Amiya Ah, they...
W It's okay, little bunny. Everybody has a past that needs to be shattered.
Amiya Miss W, I have to ask... Why do you know the brake command for the core city?
W A girl has her ways, yeah? I'm gonna pass on answering that one. You'd probably kill me.
But since you trusted me just now, maybe I can make an exception... If you promise not to get mad.
Amiya You're talking about Misha.
W No, it was Alex. Skullshatterer. Yeah.
His father told him about it before he died. He wasn't a dumb man. He knew pretty much what Reunion was planning to do.
But he couldn't do anything about it. Just like how he couldn't stop Ursus from killing his friends, and how he couldn't keep his kids alive. Hah.
At the time, none of us got it. I really only figured it out just now... That liar Kashchey really had us all fooled.
Me, old man Patriot, FrostNova, Faust, Mephisto, Skullshatterer, Crownslayer, all of us were fooled.
Misha didn't need to die. I got her killed back there to keep Chernobog in place. Then when I couldn't stop Chernobog, I really regretted that one.
I thought my dumb bullshit was gonna get everyone killed. Thankfully that dragon lady still had a little bit of conscience left in her.
I screwed up. Right, I won't ask for forgiveness or anything. At the time, I didn't think I was doing anything wrong. If everyone used common sense, the world would've died a long time ago.
Amiya But Misha is gone. We will never be able to make up for that mistake.
W, none of this will ever happen again. I won't let you.
Either you promise me, or we'll imprison you at Rhodes Island.
Even if it was to save a lot of people... a single life is still a life.
W Well...
Oh, looks like Talulah's all out of power. Those Arts she was forcing out of her can't be good for her body.
Oh. She fell down.
Hey, rabbit.
Amiya Hm?
W I don't know if I've ever said this before. Hmm, how should I put it?
Little bunny, you're a lot like her.
Amiya ...What?
W Bye, Amiya.
Hehe, I really really hope that you never have to meet anybody like me ever again. So let's make this the last time we meet, bunnygirl.
W runs off.
Amiya Ah, W!
[Background 3]
Shieldguard It stopped... Chernobog's stopped moving!
Well done! Well done, Rhodes Island!
Rhodes Island Guard? The enemies are retreating...? They're routing!
Phantom Crossbowman Should we chase after ‘em?
Rhodes Island Guard? It's a mass rout——
They feel it. They've been abandoned!
Shieldguard We've won!
Rosmontis We... we did it!
Shieldguard Hahahahaha! The Infected did it together! Just like that! This is all thanks to you! Rhodes Island!
Rosmontis Celebrated.png
Rosmontis Ah!
Shieldguard Hooray! Little kitten! You're amazing! We did it!
Hooray! The feline of Rhodes Island!
Rosmontis Ah... Haha... Haha...
[Background 3]
Ace, Scout, I think I've done it.
I think I understand now. I don't just have family.
There's a lot of... good people. And a lot of... gentle people.
It's warm. Really warm.
These warm things, maybe... I won't forget. I shouldn't forget. Even if it's painful, I will... do my best to remember.
[Background 1]
Kal'tsit and the Doctor arrives at the Chernobog control tower's rooftops just as everything is over.
Doctor We've finally arrived!
Kal'tsit We arrived just in time. Amiya's done it. But...
Amiya Oh, Doctor!
It's really good to... see you...
Amiya suddenly lose her consciousness and falls to the ground.
Kal'tsit Shit!
Doctor Amiya!