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Karlan Trade Co., Ltd. (K.T.),[1] alternatively Karlan Commercial, is a faction in Arknights. It is Kjerag's national trading company that is named after Mount Karlan, the sacred mountain of Kjerag.[2]


The Karlan Trade was founded by Enciodes, the current patriarch of the Silverashes, following his return to his motherland seven years ago (year 1090) after staying aboard in Victoria for more than twenty years. With the aid of Ratatos, the matriach of the Browntails, Enciodes was able to persuade the Great Elder in opening up the country through his company.[3] As part of his plan to reform and modernize the country, KT acts as the only bridge between Kjerag and the outside world, mainly participating economic activities and technological trade. KT was also used as a bargain chip to help restore the Silverashes’ name in the Tri-Clan Council by allowing the conservative Paleroches and Browntails engage in their activities.

Despite KT’s benefits, not everyone is happy with its presence, especially to the Paleroches. KT has been accused of breaching the territories of the families through its expanding factories without the supervision of its second-in-hand Gnosis Edelweiss. To make the matter worse, they have been conducting mining activities and railroad construction beneath the foot of the sacred Mount Karlan, angering the conservative faction, and Gnosis responded by having a clash with the investigation team sent by the conservatives. Even though Enciodes responded by firing him, they insisted in handling his administrative rights over his factories and mines. In turn, Enciodes decided to turn it back to the Karlan Saintress, whom he believes to be the only rightful one to own such power according to the Kjeragian sacred script.[4]

Even though KT has a healthy relationship with Rhodes Island, RI remains cautious in handing them due to the former's political background. Despite several disagreements such as the one during the Snowcap Incident, the two continue their cooperations for the coming future.



Of the above characters:

  • Aurora is technically not a K.T. member; she is sponsored by Enciodes.
  • Kjera is technically not a K.T. member but the deity of Kjerag. She sneaks into R.I. as a servant for Enya.
  • Monch would likely join K.T. in the future after going missing for a while, as attested in the 2nd anniversary artwork.